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  • Location: Bedford,Middlesex,MA
  • Cost: $141 per month (24 month contract)
Good "good speeds, good quality TV, good Tech Support."
Bad "Billing Service abominable,but can be corrected with patience, recently unstable"
Overall "After two good years, FIOS has gone downhill."
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I have had FIOS for 1 year now in Bedford Mass. I was an early adopter. Installer was not familiar with my MAC, but I handled that part of it. I have only lost the connection once or twice and that was due to local power failure that left the entire neighborhood dark. I have not used tech support at all, so my rating for tech support is a guess. I have the lowest tier, 5MB, which was fine since I was on dialup. I have the dlink 624 router. Their website said it would not work wireless with a MAC, but it worked just fine. I suspect they say this so they don't have to try to do tech support. I don't use the verizon e-mail or their 'verizon central'. A little confusion on the install, they did it in two days, first day installed wire and the box outside, 2nd day inside. I ordered via web.


Updated 12/11/07. We upgraded to triple play with FIOS TV on 12/3/07. Interesting setup, needed new router (which they provided) since the schedule is received via the net. Saved a bit of money due to triple play (had Comcast before for cable). They were late arriving, but did call, and techs apologized and said other install went over expected time. Contrast to the original install, the techs knew more about the system (which isn't surprising as they've had time to learn the newer stuff). FIOS Tv runs fine, at least as well as Comcast, and we get more channels for lower price. No problems since install.


Update July 25, 2008. Now we have billing issues. In May, they raised the price of the internet connection by disconnecting and reconnecting, ignoring the fact we signed for two years. (Billing tried to fix it, but apparently they can't.) This apparently caused rest of system to think we no longer have the triple play. Our monthly bill went from $ 138 to $ 180! I'm now planning to dump FIOS TV; it's not worth the new prices. The billing people try to help, but they are stuck with a computer system that is hideous. FIOS TV is now $80 per month, where before it was $62. I can't figure out how they can get away with raising prices after agreeing to keep the price for 2 years!


Updated July 28. After speaking with a Verizon rep they told us the billing system is known to screw up like this. They apologized and told me they would issue a credit and it will be correct next month. I'm happy they can correct the billing - the service is great otherwise.


August 25, 2008. Not surprisingly, the Verizon billing is STILL screwed up! Despite repeated calls and "promises" to fix it, Verizon is unable or UNWILLING to fix it. Our bill should be 141 per month according to the Verizon reps, but this time it is $169. They are simply unable to fi x the billing system and I am getting very very tired of having to call them EVERY SINGLE MONTH to complain. The billing people TRY to help, but they are totally stuck with a system that . I guess it is time to finally file a formal complaint with the State public utilities. Verizon is simply unable to fix their own errors, or unwilling to do so.!!!!!


September 8, 2008. We checked with Mass Department of Telecommunications, and they said to write to Verizon first, so we did that and got ahold of a supervisor who said the only way to fix the problem is to do a new Triple Freedom package. He went ahead and entered a new package. Today I get a e-mail from Verizon stating that we haven't accepted the TOS for our new package. I did this then re-read the mail from Verizon and found out that the new plan was for a ONE year contract, where the orignal plan signed in November 2007 was for TWO years. So Verizon has again managed to screw the billing. We're also going to be billed "partial month" for service change, which usually is not well pro-rated and costs more than it should. On top of all this, due to the disconnect/reconnect (again) we got a SALES call from Verizon trying to get us to 'come back' to Verizon! It is so sad, because when you talk to the Verizon people they REALLY TRY to help, but unfortunately they can't really fix the billing system. It is so frustrating since the service itself has been so good; phone, internet, and TV have all been top quality. We expect more hassle with Verizon to keep trying to get the original contract price and period, but I suspect we will just wait for next month's bill and go to the Department of Telecommunications and file a formal complaint.


Update 9/15/08...Well, Verizon's Customer Advocacy people called us after I complained to Mass Department of Telecommunications (public utilities) and e-mailed two contacts provided here via IM from two Verizon friends or employees. I explained the situation, and they understood my point of view perfectly - I had a two year contract and they should honor it. Next a supervisor from billing called, and said that it is impossible to get the two year contract anymore, but instead they would give me the one year contract at the original two year price and then a credit so I'd pay that price for 2 years. They fully understand my reasoning, especially when I pointed out that if I was a contractor for Verizon and tried to get out of a two year contract they would never let me get away with it. They promise my monthly bill will be no higher than it should be for the term of the original contract. Our monthly bill goes out this week, so it should be interesting. I'm expecting to have to call them a few more times until the billing settles down. I suppose it's acceptable, but it just sounds like the billing system is causing them so much trouble. Why can't they fix it? I'm certainly not the only person having these troubles. The Verizon reps have all been polite and helpful and do their best, but it's sad to see they can't simply fix their billing system.


Updated 10/20/08. Surprise? Despite promises from Verizon that my bill would be no more than 141, this month they charged me for $168! Verizon is very good at appearing to care, but in fact they really don't want to fix it. Despite complaint to public utilities, e-mails to various Verizon executives, they are overcharging and we have to call every **** month and argue with them again and again. If there was a workable alternative I would dump them in a heartbeat. Comcast is available, but they are probably no better or worse.


11/11/08. Finally they have the billing straight. It only took from July to November, numerous phone calls, numerous e-mails, and not one but two complaints to Mass Departent of Telecommunications and Energy (public utilities). sheesh.


11/3/09. Billing has been correct for almost a year now. However, I'm running out of the 'introductory' price, so I don't know if it will go up soon. The connection continues to be stable, good speeds, and TV works well.


1/21/10. The HD SetTopBox died yesterday. It would go off, then come back on blank, then restart itself then work for a few minutes, then die again. Did live chat with Verizon Tech Support agent Eva in Texas. She sent a reset and all seemed well. Half an hour later it died again. Back to live chat and got Eva again and she said we'll just send you a new STB and you should receive it Friday. Received the new STB this morning (Thursday) and installed with no problem, used the web based self install page, entered the code and it ran for 10 mins or so and now all is well. The new STB is a little different, but works fine. Very happy with the Verizon Tech Support.


4/25/2010. Price increases have now raised the monthly bill to $ 165. It went up $18 in just one month. Unfortunately there was no new features or anything, just a higher rate and an invitation to log on to their site to look at new and exciting options (which of course are not free). I'd try to drop some options, but that would probably send me back to billing hell.


11/30/2010. We are receiving messages from Verizon saying that our 2 year contract is up and inviting us to renew it. While we're happy with FIOS, we also know that if we want to change anything while under contract it will be a terrible mess in billing so we will probably just leave it alone and not renew.


06/21/2011. Our router died; no lights at all. Called Verizon and spoke to support and they shipped a new router; no hassle and no difficulty. It arrived in 4 days, but to be fair we called on Friday afternoon amd it arrived the following Tuesday. Replaced the router and re-configured but didn't use the Verizon assistant since I'm on a Mac. The router has been fine since then.


09/21/2011. No issues since replacing the router. We're considering reviewing our account and options viz TV packages, but don't really want to go to the hassle.


04/23/2013. Bill shock today..Our monthly fee, in one month, went up $21. We've decided to cut some of the programming, but trying to do it via the Verizon web site is extremely difficult - they have huge web pages with large type and graphics and you can't view the whole page even on a 24" monitor. We were partly successful, but were not able to do everything we were trying to do. We had the Verizon chat person helping us, but we lost the connection to chat 3 times and the third time we got a different person who had no idea what was going on. We will have to try to call them tomorrow to fix it. I HATE having to call Verizon - it is a huge pain to reach the right people and then to get them to be willing to actually help us.


Updated 05/03/13..Downgraded to fewer channels and cut the movies out. We thought of upgrading the internet connection to 25 mb, but found out that's only available if you have a higher tier TV service. I think they don't want people to switch to watching tv via the net since they want people to pay high prices for TV. Also wondering how soon they will start capping the internet; they don't want people downloading movies from iTunes or Amazon Instant Video since that means they will not be buying pay per view movies from Verizon. They did move us up to 15 mb tier, but it's turning out to be very unstable. We have to reboot the router at least once a day. Maybe the old router just can't cope with the load?


Updated 01/26/2014.. FIOS internet and TV have gone downhill in recent months. The internet and TV will drop and the router shows no connection...Call support, nothing wrong on our end, they open trouble ticket, then a couple of hours later TV and internet are working again and they cancel the trouble ticket. They were saying "possibly construction"... on Sunday?? We lose internet for about 2-4 hours around once a week that we notice; it might be more, just could happen when we are not using it. Very annoying. We now have backup for the TV - an OTA antenna for the times when FIOS is dead. Phone still works though.

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