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Review by SparkChaser See Profile

  • Location: Downingtown,Chester,PA
  • Cost: $180 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Service seems consistant"
Bad "Set top boxes, loose copper line"
Overall "Addition of TV and package deal made the difference."
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Update 5/17/2013
Cost still too high, if it was up to me TV be gone in a minute and phone soon to follow.

The speed is good, as is consistency, but the cost is too high.

Update 6/28/2011

Cost remains at $170.

Speed is fairly consistent 25/25.

STB DVR is has low capacity.

Happy with the service would like a lower cost.

Nothing has changed, I still think the cost is too high and I am looking on what I can do to reduce it.

Update 05/21/2009

New STB firmware improved the picture quality and I would rate it as good to excellent.

The internet has gone down a couple of time the longest being close to a day. Other than those it has been consistent. The speed is always at 20/5.

Update 11/16/2008 New and improved TV HA!!!
the latest upgrade from VZ to the set top DVR made a great picture quality bad. It was better with Comcast. Hope they fix it soon.

Update: 9/28/2008 New Install

Decided it was time to give Verizon another chance. I ordered the package with 20/5, telephone and TV and a HD DVR.

They appeared to have made good progress in the past 18 months. I had the ONT still installed from previous install which made it easy for the tech. The internet came right up as did the TV. The Actiontec router is still a bit of a beast but better than before. It's wireless is still not good and I have installed the Linksys in it's place. Internet speed is consistent, though for normal browsing I don't see any difference from CC.

TV quality is better than Comcast, particularly on HD.

Don't use their software to optimize. DSLR tools will get you better performance.

Account creation worked first time without any CS person. (change from first try)

Email works, not sure if it's reliable but so far it has been

Previous install:
Instalation was well coordinated with about 4 weeks from order to install. Install of ONT took about 3 hours with another hour to get the computer talking to Verizon. After that, connection was reliable. Verizon email is a nightmare. It took several days to get it set up due to password problems. After that, it didn't work reliably for the entire month I had it.

Customer service was pleasant, non-English speaking as a first language but communicated well. There seemed little they could do to solve email problems and finally suggested that I should be using MSN or Yahoo.

I cancelled FIOS and kept Comcast.

In reading the forum, I see that my decision was correct. Still email problems and still customer service problems. In looking at the latest prices there is nothing to be gained from switching except getting locked into a year contract. If they would lower their phone rates as a bundle, I consider a switch. as it looks right now, I'll probably go with CDV.

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·Verizon FiOS


just wondering how are you paying 170$ for tv and internet 25/25?

I have:

TV Prime HD + Fios Sports Pass (+9.99)
Cablecard 1x

my bill will be about 98$

Would it not be better for you to buy your own setboxes? example the same I use silicondust and have 1 box stream to 3 devices?

I bet you do have a laptop you could connect via HDMI to pc and then you can use windows media center buy yourself a remote and have it all nicely.

Just a tip

Bronx, NY
·Verizon FiOS

Re: well

patt2k are you still on original contract?He is probably past the original contract and usually the price jumps a lot.
When I first got the Cablevision Triple Play package is was about $90 and change.But after the one year contract was up it went up to $150 and that's with no fancy TV channel package.
That's why I jumped to Verizon.But you know after my 2 year contract with Verizon is up the price will jump up too.