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Review by greatwhite See Profile

  • Location: Orchard Park,Erie,NY
  • Cost: $99 per month (12 month contract)
Good "loving the fiber"
Bad "8 years and still goes like hell"
Overall "75/35 upgrade from 50/10 for next to nothing"
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Upgraded to 75/35 from 50/10, What a difference..!!!
Had some issues with getting the system to accept the provisioning but once the router and ONT rebooted the problem was solved and we were warp speed ahead and peaking around 85/35..!!

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too high or what?

Wait what are you paying 99$ for? just 50/25?

I pay for TV Prime HD + 75/35 84.99 w/taxes 96 something.


Orchard Park, NY

Re: too high or what?

That's for the 50/25 and FIOS voice..!!
Just wondering where you are and if you have voice on your contract too..??

the quote they gave me for the package with tv was for 2 room DVR and HD for around $150.00


East Northport, NY

Gigabit router

I called tech support and complained of low speeds on my new 50/25 service (which is actually more like 60/40). My speed tests only showed 32/28 (same as my original package of 25/25). They ended up just sending me the gen3 router (Rev. I) overnight, which is the gigabit one with the N wireless (red).

The wireless on it is REALLY high performing...more than you would expect from telecom equipment. It matches the throughput on my E3000 router running DDWRT on the 2.4 ghz N band (around 57 mbps on a different floor).

I signed a contract (finally had to lose copper...sign). I am paying $85 a month for 50/25, digital voice, and Extreme HD with HBO and Showtime included. I have a corporate discount of $10 so its actually $75 a month.


Re: Gigabit router

now tell me the secret how you are getting Extreme HD for same price I pay for PRIME HD please lol.