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Six Month Rating

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Review by aaronwt See Profile

  • Location: Woodbridge,Prince William,VA
  • Cost: $135 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 12 days
Good "Blazing fast speed that stays fast(35/35 tier)I consistently get 50mbs down."
Bad "Customer service has improved but still needs some work."
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Initially FIOS canceled my initial service call for installation without even giving me a call. But since then they have made up for that. I'm getting the first month of TV free along with 3 movie channels free for the first month. Plus they waived the $20 install fee. I'm also supposed to be receive a $100 AMEX card. My INTERNET was already free for the first month form the special I signed up for. 30mbs down and 5mbs up for 12 months at $55. I easily hit the 30mbs down and I'll get 4.5 mbs up which h is close enough for me. And the speeds stay fast. Unlike Comcast with Power boost which is fast for the first 10 or 20 seconds then drops down to a slower speed. I have no complaints about.

edit: I upgraded to the 50/20 tier for $89.95 a month. A great price considering it costs $139.95 for the same tier in most other areas

Edit: I have Cell, home phone, TV, and Internet service. I have eight cable cards($24) and I get the premium channels except for Cinemax. My monthly cost is around $270 right now


Their billing atrocious. I dropped my landline in October 2008 and they still can't get it right. I would rate their billing at one star. Although Verizon Wireless billing has been perfect. FIOS billing has been crap. I'm at my breaking point now and am going to dump my FIOS TV if they screw with me again.

And depending on how bad they piss me off I could drop their Internet too. I don't want to but I am sick of this crap every month from them

EDIT: 12/14/2011--I just signed up for teh triple play to get a $300 visa git card. So I added the digital voice. Service and communication between FiOS and the customer has improved immensely. My new contract is around $135 a month for 35/35 internet(actual speeds are 43/35). Ultimate HD and Digital Voice.

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