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Six Month Rating

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Review by TwoFrogs See Profile

  • Location: Redlands,San Bernardino,CA
  • Cost: $139 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 21 days
Good "Order of magnitude better than Verizon DSL, TV and Phone service is satisfactory"
Bad "None really worth mentioning"
Overall "Verizon has delivered"
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Connection reliability:
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Fiber was laid in our street in July '06 but not lit until several months later. Even then, we did not decide to go with Verizon until the Adelphia-TimeWarner debacle in Southern Califonia led to repeated outages and drops in our cable service. I was surprised that my wife was the one to push for FiOS, in that she is adamant about having phone service during power outages. The claimed four-hour backup (which we have yet to test), it turns out, was good enough to calm her fears.

We went with the Internet/TV/Phone package on a 12 month contract. Went with 5/2 since we don't download much. (I am not certain I have quoted the correct price but will edit if incorrect.) Install was in March '07. Preparation for the install went reasonably well. Our utilities are underground, and they were able to use existing conduit. They had to crack a parking pad in two places, and the repair of that took longer than it should have, but it was adequate when completed. The actual install was delayed by about three hours from original estimated arrival time, and the installer took about two hours longer than he estimated, but he was knowledgeable and very courteous. Other than time the install was fine.

Service has been excellent since day one. Speeds have been as advertised. We have lost service a couple of times for very brief periods. No more modem cycling. TV is very good and the phones still work.

I have heard of complaints about Verizon's billing but we have not had any problems. We had to contact tech support 2x but only with respect to TV service for minor issues. I was contacted by email several times to confirm orders for two Verizon Online services (games and online storage) which I had supposedly ordered, but had not. (Perhaps they were complimentary? If so I wouldn't use them anyway.) The emails, petty annoyances, eventually stopped.

Overall, we are very satisfied with the serivces provided, and the price seems in line with what we have received. Absent earthquake, fire, or flood, it should serve us fine for the foreseeable future.

9/26/09: Still satisfied with FiOS. Upgraded to 25/15 and it seems that up and down speeds both vary dramatically, but it has never gotten to the point that a call to tech support was warranted. I am not sure of our monthly costs as we now have triple play and wireless with Verizon, my wife handles that stuff. I would recommend FiOS to anyone to whom it is available.

12/17/11: Recently we had an extended power outage probably due to extremely high winds affecting most of Southern California. Upon restoration of power, apparently a power surge overwhelmed the surge protection of the BBU and the entire unit was fried. Customer service could not reboot remotely. All our services (TV, net, landline) were out until repair. Talked to CS (only a couple of minutes wait!) early on a Sunday morning, they could not, or would not, send a tech out until Monday afternoon. According to my wife, tech arrived on time and was very efficient in replacing the entire BBU. He told her that our situation was unusual, that to his knowledge there had not been an uptick in repair calls due to the power outages. While slightly annoyed about the lack of Sunday repair service, overall I am satisfied with Verizon's response.

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