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Review by louist See Profile

  • Location: Oakland Gardens,Queens,NY
  • Cost: $69 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "FAST INTERNET !!! Reliable. Rock solid Phone, TV and Internet"
Bad "CUSTOMER SERVICE E mail blocks port 25 no IMAP"
Overall "GREAT PRODUCT, Reliable. Verizon: Please offer Encrypted Email Service and IMAP."
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Update December 2012

The Actiontec Router gave up the ghost. Constant problems. Contacted Verizon expecting less than stellar customer service but was was very pleasantly surprised at EVERY turn.

Their Chat support immediately shipped me a replacement router. Unfortunately, that particular box had a problem and they suspected there could be more to the issue so they dispatched a tech who showed up EARLY!. She verified the router problem and decided to go back to garage to get the latest model to provide highest speeds and reliability. She arranged to put us back on ethernet (instead of MOCA ) and made sure everything was perfect. She was fast, polite, professional and very capable.

Frankly I could not have asked for better support!

Verizon: You made my day! Thanks.

PS: You could still improve by supporting IMAP Email.

Update October 7, 2012

Great Internet Service. Rock Solid. Email not so great. No IMAP and they don't plan to offer it. This is poor choice and poor service to multi device customers who have iPads, multiple computers and smartphones. Someone at Verizon needs to wake up!

We have the previously offered 35/20 Premium speed. Generally get what we pay for or better. They no longer offer this option, only lower or higher speeds are available. It costs $69/ month, but we made that choice for premium speeds.

The Actiontec router eventually deteriorated and no longer stays in WPA or WPA 2 wirelsss security mode. However their technicians claim they can not fnd anything wrong and refuse to replace. ( We use privately owned router to service wireless clients instead at N instead of the Actiontech's G speeds).

Still the best in town though.

UPDATE April 1, 2011

Great Internet Service. Rock Solid over long term.

Equipment is reliable and the Router fine- don't believe all you read about the router- dig into the details and you will learn it has a strong feature set. Better if it were "N" wireless, which is not guaranteed- in my area, you generally seem to get get older "G" routers with no choice in the matter (some refurbished).

The DVR on screen TV Guide could and should be improved. It works fine, but is not very fast or user friendly in ablity to efficiently navigate and choose channel selections, channel restrictions and recording actions. DVR needs feature enabled to allow USER addition of external add-on HD capacity via USB or eSATA.

Phone Service is very reliable, though we choose not to use the voice messaging feature and do not know how well it works. (We simply prefer to use our own answering device - nothing against Verizon's feature itself)

Be not afraid of FIOS when compared to Optimum or Time Warner. It is very reliable and works well. I would not switch back.

UPDATE March 6, 2011

On reflection, very reliable over long term. 35/20 premium service now provides about 42 megs down and just under 20 megs up.

UPDATE July 4, 2009

We upgraded our Triple Play to add some channels in out bundle and to upgrade to new speeds of 35/20 last weekend.

The new down speed of 35 megs was apparently provisioned in a few days. However the up speed, which initially exceeded the 20 ordered, deteriorated by Friday to LESS THAN 5 Megs (which was my original down speed.)

May 26, 2009

TV and Internet service is solid and dependable. Rarely any hint of trouble. Internet Speeds are generally 19.6 or 19.7 down over 4.5 or 4.6 up on the advertized 20 down over 5 up "standard" FIOS service. Telephone service is rock solid.

We are MUCH happier with FIOS than we were after years as customers of Time Warner / Road Runner" service.

UPDATE August 18, 2008

WELL: we HAD an appointment to add FIOS TV to our current Double Play Internet and phone FIOS service TODAY (August 18, 2008).

In fact Verizon called us no less than 5 times to confirm the appointment. We of course confirmed every time and I scheduled today off for the install.

Sure enough, I took the day off and we waited for the 8 AM arrival. (Appt was 8AM -3PM).

We just called and learned that they CANCELLED the appointment YESTERDAY!.

Of course, they did not bother to call us to tell us that they cancelled. I just lost a day of work for nothing.

We insisted on talking to a supervisor. Same old trash - they decided yesterday that they would not be able to do it today so they just cancelled it and neglected to inform us.

We rejected their offer to make an appointment next month. We just told them that they can install today or we are cancelling the order.

Frankly until they get their customer service fiascoes and intolerable disrespect for customer time and work, they can forget selling my family the premium packages and three HD DVRs we ordered.

Time Warner is not excellent, but they never did this to us.

FIOS is excellent. Verizon customer service and administrative reliability is HORRIBLE!

UPDATE: June 6. 2008

Except for a single day problem, the service has been rock solid. The single problem occurred when there was a battery backup system (hardware) failure a few weeks after initial installation. Failure occurred around 8 PM one evening. Verizon arrived and replaced the defective unit by 10 AM the next morning.

There have been no issues since then whatsoever.

Original Review:

We ordered Verizon “Dual Play” Internet and Phone FIOS via internet on Tuesday. 9/25. They offered installation date of Thursday. I chose to delay the installation date till Friday, 9/28. We received at least 3 calls from Verizon on Wednesday and Thursday confirming the installation date and making sure someone would be home.

The installation tech showed up at about 8 AM on Friday. He was friendly, communicative and professional. I asked him to install the ONT in my attic near where my current phone lines enter the house. He was more than happy to oblige my requests.

The total install took about 5 hours. Phone service was very momentarily interrupted as expected. He spent most of the time running the wiring and installing the equipment in my attic. He installed the router downstairs and a few moments later, internet service came on line. (We ordered the 20/5 service and generally get about 20.6 Megs down and 4.7 Meg up).

The only hitch was that he was unable to get his SW application to correctly provide me with my primary ID and Password (Used for user account maintenance and to set up the sub account email addresses and passwords. He tried several times and gave up. He gave me a customer service phone number to get help. It turned out to be the wrong number (DSL not FIOS service), but they routed me immediately and the service was excellent. All done in a ten minute call.

The free router has 4 hard wired 100 base ports and has wireless support with both WPA and WPA2, but they are set up default to WEP. No big deal for informed users to adjust to personal preferences.

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