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Review by rgoltsch See Profile

  • Location: Caldwell,Essex,NJ
  • Cost: $125 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 10 days
Good "Fast Speed for Internet, good quality TV, phone works"
Bad "No problems with Internet, HD DVR is second rate"
Overall "Fast speed, low price, It just works......what more can I say?"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
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I have had DSL from Verizon for years after kicking the cable company out of my house. Also had DirecTV for television. Verizon DSL was quite solid for years, but the 3000/768 speed was less than half what the local Comcast offering. I was torn, do I swallow my pride and go back to cable, or deal with slow speeds.....But along comes FIOS.

My install went well. I had to reschedule the install once due to my own issues, but when Verizon said they would be here, they were here. My installer was great. He knew his stuff. He and I discussed the install completely BEFORE he started work. I had run some ethernet cables down from my office to the basement to ease the install, he seemed to appreciate that. My installer spent a total of maybe 6-7 hours installing my new ONT in the basement, running the fiber from the pole to my home, wriring in the three tv's, and swapping over my phone service.

The installer went the extra mile and made a point to staple every wire down neatly wherever he worked. He even took the time to clean up some old, messy "Homeowner wiring" he found in the basement near my NID.

After everything was complete, he took the time to go over everything with me, from the Internet service (20/5 service). He went to a few speed test sites, including DSLReports to show me my new speed. He then reviewed the new DVR and how to use my new remote. I am not new to using an on-screen menu, since I have had DirecTV for years, but he still showed me around the settings to make sure I was comfortable. Lastly, we checked the phone to be sure all was in order.

I have been playing with the Internet service since they finished up last week. It is much faster. I really had no issues with the DSL, other than speed, so I can simply say that it worked before, and it works now....just faster.

The only real complaint I have is on the HD DVR. It comes with a tiny 160 mb hard drive. Good for maybe 20 hours of HD recording. Coming from my DirecTV HD DVR with an external hard drive, it is incredibly tiny. I cannot believe that they do not offer either a larger hard drive or the ability to expand this one's storage. I will be switching to a Series 3 Tivo in the next week or so. But that is my only, minor, complaint.

Overall this package will be saving me about $75 compared to my Verizon phone, DSL and DirecTV bills. More speed, less money? The only thing I have to see is how stable the new FIOS service is. But going by my experience with their DSL, I should have few, if any, issues.

Update 1/1/2009:

It's been a good few months we have had FIOS. There have been three separate outages for the phone service that we detected. Each time the issue occurred, we would have some major static on the line. It was so loud you could barely hear the incoming caller. We know it was not just us as each time we had the issue, our neighbors had it, as well as my folks a few blocks away. Each time it was cleared up the next morning.

We replaced the Home Media DVR supplied by Verizon with an HD TiVo. It was one of the best investments we made for our entertainment dollar. Verizon came out and installed a pair of CableCards. It took them a few hours, but they eventually got them setup correctly. My folks just got a TiVo and had the CableCard installed this week. It took only an hour or so for the installer to get it working. They seem to be improving on their time to get them installed. Also, my folks got a new Multi CableCard. It means they only have to pay for one card, while I need to pay for two.

Overall, the switch to FIOS has been great. Haven't regretted the switch one bit.

Update 7/2011

Still with FIOS. No issues with the service. Have gotten rid of most of their boxes and replaced them with Tivo HD boxes. We now have three Tivo's in the house with FIOS. They now offer the multi-cards for the Tivo, so the later two boxes only pay for one cablecard each. My speed has been great, no issues to complain about.

Update 6/2012

Still with FIOS. We upgraded one of the Tivo HD's to Tivo Premiere. We were able to get the new Cablecard as a self-install which went easily. We added a TV in the kitchen and put one of the Fios multi-room DVR's there as a test. Coming from the Tivo, it is awful. Slow, sometimes it seemingly misses button presses on the remote, but it caches them, so when it catches up, it cycles through 3-4 buitton presses back to back. We will be retuning that box and going with a basic $5.00 per month HD box.......I wanted to see how it worked and if it was worth getting rid of the Tivos......nope, not yet.

We switched to the Digital Voice and upgraded to the 50/35 speed. The digital voice has all the features of the late Iobi service, with online access to your call lists and voicemails. With digital voice, it is glorified VOIP, so the taxes are reduced, but I suspect I also lose the comfort of knowing the BPU will be watching over Verizon if the service ever screws up......

The service has been rock solid for what? Three years now? Fast downloads, clear HD video, and all the bandwidth this household needs with three laptops, two iPads, three iPhones and all of my daughter's friends as they come by with their wireless devices. Damn, I sound like a Verizon commercial.......But it is true.

Fiber to the home is the way of the future. It is just that the cable companies and other phone companies haven't figured this out yet.

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