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Six Month Rating

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Review by joe01880 See Profile

  • Location: Wakefield,Middlesex,MA
  • Cost: $124 per month
Good "Very reliable internet speeds, excellent picture quality and great phone service."
Bad "Tech support is unreliable for accuracy over the phone. Inaccurate guide data, billing inconsistancies."
Overall "FiOS Picture Quality alone makes it worth your attention."
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Value for money:
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Compared to cable companies and what I pay for bundled services FiOS is a good value. The picture quality is outstanding. Internet speeds are reliable and consistent and as always Verizon phone service works great and is crystal clear.
The TV program guide can be inaccurate and incomplete.
In the past FiOS DVR's have been buggy but are getting better.
You need to keep an eye on your bill for accuracy.
Overall I am satisfied with FiOS over the 6+ years i have had it. The internet speeds and outstanding picture quality make any short comings worth dealing with, just keep an eye on your bill.

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