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Review by gateguy See Profile

  • Location: Reisterstown,Baltimore,MD
  • Cost: $133 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 33 days
Good "speed speed speed"
Overall "I absolutely love it"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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My install was performed last April. I had selected the 15/15 plan. The presales communications were frequent, but sometimes confusing. I had received emails that had three different installations dates. I was asked if I wanted to keep my same phone number (why after having it for 18 years would I want to change it)

The installation went smoothly.

I had since upgraded to the 20/20 plan. Initially they downgraded me to the 10/2 plan (how the rep selected the wrong option is beyond me). But waited for the order to complete and then replaced the order for the correct speeds.

I normally see 2.52MB up and down.

[update 8/6/2009] Still loving the Fios. Not too happy with all the sales calls trying to get me to 'upgrade'.

[update 9/24/2010] My FIOS service was upgraded today (yet again!). I now have the 35/35Mb internet connection. I have the Ultimate TV package and the Freedom Essentials telephone. My new price is $79 per month. Gotta love it.

[update 10/4/2012] Still loving the Fios. Now I am getting the 50/25 package. I did have to have the battery/charger system replaced. The guy came out the same day (on a Saturday).

[update 05/07/2014] I still enjoy my Fios. There are times though that the peering issues Verizon is/was having with NetFlix are causing issues. But overall it has been a very rock solid service.

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