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Review by grecord See Profile

  • Location: Germantown,Montgomery,MD
  • Cost: $134 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 8 days
Good "Fast, Install simple. Can be located anywhere coax runs in house."
Bad "Bundled services mean outage can be total when it occurs"
Overall "Best combination available. Negligable downtime."
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Checked for availability after fiber was run in neighborhood as cable reliability has long since proven unacceptable and 5yrs of DSL had shown that although slower, uptime was extremely high. Finally became available about 11months later. Fiber installation was quick and painless although tech was required to install copy of Verizon software on one machine. I volunteered a laptop for the job. Connection from ONT to Router(Actiontec MI424WR) is via Coax so router could be placed wherever existing cabling was convenient, Mine was short jumper with router at location of network Switch. Ordered 15/2 package with phone bundle. Later in year called about 20/20 service and was provided 20/5 upgrade at no additional cost. Wireless router performs satisfactorily but restoring connection after hibernating Laptop is likely to require resetting laptop wireless client 1 out of 6 times. Technician left security set to WEP64 but interface permits up to WPA2 and full console for changing settings. Changing screens very annoying because it constantly asks if you want to proceed. Ports for large list of applications can be opened or custom setting made. Several Verizon Fee based apps built in. Fairly informative diagnostic tool for troubleshooting connection loss. Have had one outage in 7months which was regional for a few hours. Tech support Better than expected.

Sep-09 Based on reports here I queried Verizon about 25/15 service availability and was able to get service upgraded for an additional $7mo. Service is listed as 25/15 but actually delivers 25/25. Service is reliable, tech support is good, billing is atrocious.

Dec-10 Lost net connection and phone for several hours. Was restored with no input on my part. Makes case for not bundling. Was glad I still have landline as backup.

Jan-11 Added home media DVR and 2nd HD receiver TV service, replacing satellite. Installation quick and easy. Some features lost vs satellite but quality equal and price better even after end of promotional period. STB's use networking via MOCA so lost connectivity to network downstream of firewall. Speed upgrade with bundle tests around 30/27mbps.

Sept-11 System has been reliable and stable, measures a consistent 30.7/26.6 when tested.

Had short slowdown on the net for about three hours last weekend which was self corrected. With storm outages this season we were forced to use cell phones for service even with backup power on the ONT.

Sept-5-'12 System still tests at 30.5/26.7 aside from occasional resets required when router get confused system has been reliable. DVR on the other hand is clunky at best and often is non-responsive to channel change requests or guide updates.

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