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Six Month Rating

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Review by VerizonCynic See Profile

  • Location: Lakewood,Los Angeles,CA
  • Cost: $42 per month (24 month contract)
Good "rock solid, pretty cheap, cutting edge"
Bad "price is steep; no competition; evil non net neutraility company"
Overall "if it is available get it hands down. "
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Full review of the 2008 install here

»www.laag.us/2008/11/verizon-fios ··· rth.html

I was one of the first in my city to get FIOS. At first triple play but now down to single play naked fiber internet. had to do a deal with the devil on a two year contract. if I die they will likely hold my estate to the contract.! The internet as it should be. No hiccups. Speed is exactly what you paid for. 15/5 is more than enough for any user. I was on 50/35 and really saw no difference as the internet as a whole is filed with choke points (now more fast lane slow lane BS on the way). So paying for 100/00 is just bragging rights. Time warner is only thing out there that competes price speed wise in my area. I was in an ATT "uverse" (just re-branded DSL) area that was all copper at 2.5/700 or some such speed. Horrid service. Horrid. Att does nothing right and charges top dollar. A company worthy of all the hate. Verizon got FIOS right but of course stopped installing it once it realized it was a good deal then started gouging those that had it. Verizon of course ripped out my copper drop in 2008 to make sure no one could ever use it again. Only reason to appreciate verizon fios is knowing what ATT customers have to put up with. As for phone I still use Obihan and google voice. We shall see how long that holds together

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