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Review by hemigod See Profile

  • Location: Norristown,Montgomery,PA
  • Cost: $125 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 14 days
Good "Installed on date I wanted, showed up on time, quality workmanship"
Bad "The Actiontec router is broken - it's a REV D but only WEP works, WPA/WPA2 leave you with an unsecured network."
Overall "FIOS triple play is a great value"
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I was without power from 11PM Monday night until Saturday afternoon due to tropical storm Sandy. I ran my generator for most of the outage, and FIOS was constantly available. I was able to run a TV for the kids, and run my computer and actiontec router on the generator. I plugged my ONT into a power strip that was plugged into a heavy extension cord to the generator.

FIOS reliability since I've had it now - 100%.

Still have the original REV D actiontec, I run wireless off my linksys router using one the FAQ options on this site.

As far as FIOS triple play still being a great value - well nothing lasts forever. But it's reliable, and that is important to me.

When Comcast raised my rates this month, I knew it was time to go to FIOS. The whole experience was good from the order through the installation and my viewing pleasure. I have phone, internet, and TV. There is more channel selection than Comcast. Picture quality seems to be about the same. The big difference is the internet. FIOS seems to be much more consistent in terms of speed. I had the basic tier in Comcast and likewise with FIOS.

The installation was very professionally done, it took the tech about 6 hours to run the pole drop and wire everything up in my basement. The tech explained everything he was doing as he went and answered my questions when I asked him something.

My only complaint is with the actiontec router they gave me. It is a rev D, and the firmware says it supports WPA2, but no matter how I configure the thing, the only secure wireless that works is WEP, and as everyone knows all WEP does is keep honest people honest.

Other than a partially defective router, I am fully satisfied.

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why keep it.

If you cant change it to wpa2, swap the router out. Call it in , or go to the store.
Norristown, PA

Why keep it?

It works for what I use it for. Next time I talk to Verizon, I might mention something about it and see if I can get them to send me a REV I.