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Six Month Rating

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Review by Shady Bimmer See Profile

  • Location: Northport,Suffolk,NY
  • Cost: $43 per month
  • Install: about 4 days
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December 2013:
I have now been a FiOS customer for five years and have just let my second contract expire. My first contract was for a full year with a second price-guaranteed year (this was not well publicized but was a short-lived extra incentive). I continued for almost another year out of contract without significant price increases.

I re-entered a new two year contract with 35/35 service a little over two years ago and very reliably achieved 43/34 pretty consistently to this date. The service has been rock solid. Total monthly cost is part of bundle ($40 for internet, plus taxes)

I still have the original ONT & Actiontec router functioning. The ONT still has the original backup battery that has lasted through two multi-day outages and a few many-hour outages. I expect this to need replacement soon but this will be a minimal expense as the battery is a commodity item found through many sources.

I have not had to engage support for network services. I did have a good experience with customer service when re-bundling on a new contract (Triple-play). I am watching my month-month pricing as well as bundle-deals before engaging another long-term contract.

December 2008:

I recently have been looking to reduce my monthly costs, and having phone/internet/tv with different providers was identified as not being the most cost-efficient with current promotions. My internet and TV had been with Optimum Online, but recently the video (TV) quality has been degrading so I chose to switch everything to FiOS. My internet plan is their 20/5 service, which is the standard for my area. This is part of a bundled 1 year offering, but the non-discounted price appears to be around $43/month.

Pre-sales: I had done considerable research, both here at BBR as well as with other sources, so I already knew exactly what I wanted and what the options were. The sales rep I reached at the toll-free number was mostly knowledgable but was unaware of a few items (he didn't know what a cable-card was, etc). I placed my order for FiOS Triple Freedom with him then called back the next day to add a cable-card (the rep I reached did know what it was and was able to add it to my order)

Installation: My install was scheduled for only four days after my order on a Saturday. Despite a winter storm passing through the installer still arived early, accepted my requests for location and enablement of the ethernet port (instead of using coax only). The install went quickly, was done neatly and professionally, and was complete without issue.

I received the standard Actiontec MI424-WR router, Rev D. The first thing I did after the install was verified to be working was to move this VZ router behind my Cisco 871, and connecting the 871 to the ONT ethernet port. The FAQ here was used as an initial guide for this. My VOD and guide information on my VZ-provided Motorola 6416 DVR work properly in this configuration.

So far Internet speeds are close to rated 20/5, typically being around 19.5/4.8. There have been no issues with connectivity, but it has only been a few days.

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updated 351 days ago

·Optimum Online
·Verizon FiOS

Unbelievable! Verizon VIOS Quantum Internet Exceeds Expectations

My wired connection consistently downloads at 500-550 Mbps.
I upload at 100-150 Mbps.

My modem is connected directly in the wall and I use it for any WiFi
needs. It truly is an incredible modem.

In the other room, a high-end desktop with an internal WiFi Card downloads
at just over 400 Mbps and I always obtain 100% of the advertised upload speed.

I also enjoy FIOS phone service (bundled unlimited landline, including calls to
USA and Canada; the whole thing for about $190.00 USD a month without a contract.

Granted, I'm in an affluent area and I don't think there are many other users yet