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Six Month Rating

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Review by JoeIac See Profile

  • Location: Reading,Middlesex,MA
  • Cost: $200 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 90 days
Good "Great All-Around, Tech support is prompt, fast internet, multi-room DVR is great!"
Bad "installation coordination between verizon and underground cabling sub-contractor was awful"
Overall "Wow! I am extremely satisfied!"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Update 3/19/2012

Moved locations, signed up for fios again, parents are still at the other house. with 35/35 connections at both places i can sustain a 4 MB/sec transfer between computers with my untangle /open vpn site to site setup. Still loving fios, the install here was much better, and makes up for the underground guys. the tech was helpful, a little messy, but i just let him do his thing and then once he left went ahead and switched to ethernet and installed my router. Still extremely happy.

Update 10/13/2010

Fios continues to be awesome, i dropped down to 25/25 (which has been 30/25 lately) and upgraded my router to an untangle server which currently has over 90 days of uptime, and the internet as far as i am aware has not gone down once in at least the past year.

Update 3/30/10

The service has stayed great, we have rebundled and get blazing fast 35/35 internet, in addition to more HD channels than we have any use for, and also added our verizon wireless account into the mix so all costs are included in the $420 / month figure (35/35 internet, tv with 5 stbs, phone, 1400 min wireless plan with 2 droids and a total of 5 lines)

Yes, $400 a month is extremely expensive, but their doesn't seem to be any relief in site on that front.

Original post from ~3/09:

Switched from Comcast ~9 months ago, and it was a great decision! Fios has proven better all around, with faster, more reliable internet, Great TV selection, a great Hi-Def multi-room DVR, and very good set top boxes!

We have the basic digital TV package and 20/5 internet, in addition to the standard phone offering, and overall everything is excellent, we have had one intermittent signal problem on some of our TVs, but Verizon was here the next day, and had to replace our ONT, but its been fine since. The router has worked well, i dont love it, but it hasn't been worth the effort of adding a 2nd router.

The only problem I've had so far with Verizon has been the installation coordination, from when they ran orange conduit everywhere (underground utilities here) until they ran fiber through it, until we were able to get Fios was a 2 year process, and our installation appointment was originally scheduled for January, but the ground was frozen so it had to be set back until May, but this was only realized when a tech arrived, and discovered that their was no fiber from the sidewalk to the house, and no way to get it there in the interim.

Overall, fios is great, and i'd recommend it to anyone, especially those who aren't stuck with underground utilities.

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