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Review by TEEK See Profile

  • Location: Milford,Worcester,MA
  • Cost: $130 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 7 days
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Update 3-18-11

Still Rock solid internet, phone and HD TV.

Added a second HD Box in addition to the Multimedia HD DVR and Analog box. It's great to be able to watch DVR shows and live TV at the same time on different TVs.

Still haven't ever needed tech support.

Update 10-22-10

Added TV when it came to town, now with the triple play, and the DVR, we're still paying less than the separate phone/tv/dvr/internet was before, and added HD on 2 TVs (and dropped Tivo service) and 1 SD box.

Have seen only 1 TV outage for some channels one evening, which was eventually cleared up by morning. Picture is outstanding, phone great, and Internet has never been observed to be out.

Original Install:

I had Verizon DSL previously, went to a local home show where both Verizon and Comcast were selling their services. FIOS had just come to my neighborhood. The Verizon guys had their act together vs. the Comcast guys. Didn't need a speed improvement, just a way to save money.

Only Verizon offered equivalent and better service (speed) vs. my current cost.

I had 2 copper phone lines, one with DSL. It was hard to get an answer before this show about how the second phone line would be dealt with in terms of pricing and logistics.

Comcast never answered the question. Verizon simply let me keep the second line either on the fiber or on copper, my choice. We choose keeping it copper, (due to perceived issues with power failures and local battery backup for only 8 hours on fiber)

I was able to get 20/5 service with one phone line for less money than my previous same line and DSL with 1.7/.4.

Installation was on schedule, with a 4 hour install start to finish.

TV service is not yet available in my town, but if the overall cost is improved over current overall costs, it will be a winner.

We did have a power failure a few days after the install, and the whole thing rode it out for an hour just fine.

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