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Review by bronxlcsw See Profile

  • Location: Bronx,Bronx,NY
  • Cost: $234 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 4 days
Good "Rock solid speed, reliable price"
Bad "Dont even come close to paid speed on wireless side"
Overall "FIOS now available in more areas of the Boogie Down Bronx"
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Install Co-ordination:
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My Other Reviews

·Optimum Online
December 2013

Sold house in NJ and moved back to Throggs Neck. Got the triple play 2 year contract with 150/65 internet and top package. Pay 234 per month but i think i gong to downgrade to 75/35 internet. Save like 40 dollars. Until they can develop a wireless router that gets the same speed as wired connection i am staying at 75/35. Cant wait for my $400 debit card.

July 2012 Update

Bought Home in New Jersey Elmwood Park. Got FIOS under a new deal which netted me free DVR for life. Recently signed up for FIOS Quantum 75/35 but i get 85/40 most of the time. TV has been rock solid but some pixelation here and there.

January 2011 Update. I moved to Throggs Neck Schurz ave near preston High School. ordered Fios under my name not transfer wifes account. So i get this great deal. Free Multi Room DVR the new 7000 series with the 500Gb Drive and 2 HD boxes plus 1 cable card. I get the top package which includes Epix , HBO. Cinemaz, and all the channels including NFL red zone. 2 year deal for 151 per month 3 televisions. 35/35 internet and reliable.

June 25 2009 Update: well Verizon Fios has upped the speeds again in response to Cablevisions Ultra service. In NYC Area its 35-20. However recent speed testing shows its more like 35/30. All bundled with HD extreme 400 channels and unlimited phone calling. 129 per month 2 year price guarentee and HP Netbook for free (New Customers) 99 dollars existing ones.... Best deal in town by far. The south Bronx is now the epicenter of the broadband wars and i am loving it.

Well before i get creamed and outed let me say i was wrong in my review of Optimum Online. In my review of OOL i said it was the best thing since sliced bread and that even if FIOS became available i would stay loyal to OOL. Well, my triple play deal ended and my optimum rewards discount only go so far. The economy made me do it. Switch to FIOS that is. I save about 100 dollars per month . No disrepsect to OOL. Its still the best in my view. I just made the move purely for economic reasons. I never got lower than 30/5 with cablevision and never had a major outage. The HD pic quality on fios is not that much better than Cablevision but the difference can be seen with the standard def channels. So far so good and i have had the service 1 week. The speeds are rock solid 20/5. I only have 2 gripes so far. first) The actiontech router they give you is only wireless G and does a poor job of sending the signal more than 30 feet. Second) In order to get the better 50/20 plan you have to pay for it separate as it is not allowed to be bundled. All three 3() services phone, internet and television(I have the extreme HD Package with 365 Channels) for 123 per month 2 year commitment. Oh they also send a 150 dollar debit card cash back.

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