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Review by bemis See Profile

  • Location: Reading,Middlesex,MA
  • Cost: $95 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
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Had FIOS internet at two different homes, first starting in April 2009, it is May 2012 now.

- The ability to change services online is very limited. If you want to unbundle you must call them
- Billing can be a mess... I have phone service, they insist on billing me $2.50/mo for unlisted service despite multiple calls asking them take that off
- Bill is full of fees and quasi-taxes, my package is supposed to be $84.99/mo but ends up being $94.84 due to nearly $10 in taxes and fees, at least $5 of which are imposed by Verizon and not required by government, most are related to phone
- I'd love for them to offer a $40/mo 10/10 or 10/5 service for those of us who would like to keep costs down

- It has never, and I mean NEVER, been down. Through 2 ice storms, a hurricane and several multi-hour power outages, I have always had service even while I was on generator
- Consistently fast & reliable, and this quantifiable as I've been in the "Sam Knows" project for over a year

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