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Review by hackysak See Profile

  • Location: Stirling,Morris,NJ
  • Cost Contract price not specified. (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 120 days
Good "Have had no problems since install. Internet is FAST, TV is great, Phone service now includes nationwide calling"
Bad "Cannot get static IPs without business service, Installation was a nightmare"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
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The installation of FiOS service took forever mainly due to the distance of our apartment from the fiber splicing box (over 300 feet).. According to Verizon the contractors sent in to do the conduit installation did it wrong (they used the wrong type of conduit). What's more frustrating is I was told I was responsible for the distance from the splicing box to my basement (essentially through 6 other apartments). The problem I had is our building Manager didn't want to assist. As far as they were concerned they were Verizon contractor's who did the job so it's a Verizon problem. I had provided the building manager's contact info to Verizon but they refused to call. This was needed to get permission to access the garages from the other tenants that the conduit went through. Eventually this was worked out by the installers.

I had several trips from Verizon to get this installed over at least 4 months. They could not pull the fiber all the way to our apartment without breaking the fiber. The last attempt involved one of the Verizon managers and the original tech who came out the first time (four months prior). He couldn't believe that service still was not installed so he got his manager involved. FINALLY they were able to get the fiber through.

I needed to get static IPs for servers I run (and have had through all of my providers). In order to get static IPs I needed to go to a business service for Internet. Of course, business service costs more/month and it doesn't allow for a cheaper bundle price on the residential side. It's also a pain when calling into Tech Support since they always recognize the residential service but not the business.

Another hurdle to jump through was using my own equipment. I was told I could but no one on the tech support side wants to assist. I then found that my ONT was set wrong (one IP instead of 5). It was bad enough I had go figure out what was wrong on my own (using the BBR forums to assist) but then I had to actually CONVINCE tech support at Verizon. They did not want to escalate the case to a network tech.. It took my at least 5 calls before I got a support employee who knew of BBR and even knew of the post I was referring (posted by a Verizon tech).. He was actually able to get a network tech to increase the # of IPs on the ONT and I was set to go.

The Verizon group who handles DNS entries was amazing. I was able to send them an email and they had the reverse DNS entered within 24 hours. Also, the group who works with ARIN was just as good (in my experience). They unlisted my home address info (from ARIN's whois database) within 24 hours after I found out it was linked.

My problem with tech support is mostly with respect to the business side. It's surprising to me that they don't have better educated support people working to answer the business calls. In fact, from what I've gathered I am sent to the same exact people who work on the residential side. They don't know how to troubleshoot anything when the Actiontech isn't in the equation (this was during the setup). So far, luckily, my Internet service has been solid. Though I dread the day I actually have a problem and need assistance from Verizion Tech Support.

I've given them a 3 on tech support because they do have some departments that are FANTASTIC. It's the main FiOS tech support that needs to be more educated. I'd especially like to see tech's specifically for the business FiOS who can actually troubleshoot (or get you to someone who can troubleshoot) problems when other equipment is used.

We have a Tivo and the installers were able to get it configured and tested without too much trouble. Much better than Comcast. Also, they are charging only for the card rental (2 cards for the Tivo) where Comcast was charging one card as another hookup ($19/mo)..

No problems with phone service but I'm surprised that Verizon doesn't offfer (free) certain features that my previous VoIP provider did. Mainly, email alerts of phone calls and voice mails.

[UPDATE 01/19/10]

I just upgraded my service to the 25/25 package and I had lost use of 4 of the 5 static IPs I had. I'm guessing that a default config for 25/25 was sent to my ONT overriding the setting that allowed for 5 MAC addresses. Even though I didn't want to deal with this problem I have to admit I was PLEASANTLY surprised by the difference in Verizon's Tech Support dept. I had opened a few calls to them each with a different tech (since I was troubleshooting from work with someone else attempting to troubleshoot at the location of the circuit). None of the tech's gave me any hassle about not having an actiontec connected. Each one did their best (AFAIC) to assist. The last one, whom I talked to at around 8:30 pm, opened a ticket to be sent to the network techs in the morning. I posted the circuit ID and ticket # in the Verizon Online forums here on BBR this morning and pretty much got an immediate response from VZ_Brett. He checked it out and was able to get me back in business without any issues. I'm upgrading my rating of tech support as of today.

[UPDATE 12/02/12]

I wanted to note that going back a little over two years now, when I moved form the apartment to a house, the installation was painless. MUCH better experience the second time around. Our installer was extremely nice and did a great job with the outlet installation (professionally in the wall, granted, I paid for each outlet).

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