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Review by dave See Profile

  • Location: Littleton,Middlesex,MA
  • Cost: $130 per month (12 month contract)
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Bad "Complicated billing system"
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No real review yet. I've been using Verizon DSL since it was Bell Atlantic DSL in 2000; I started at 640/90 kbps and ended with 1500/384 kbps. I've been awaiting FiOS since it was announced, but although it was in my town, it took 5 years to reach my neighborhood (underground utilities!).

But today my FiOS installation was completed. I've subscribed to the so-called Triple Play package (phone/TV/network), which seems like it'll work out a little cheaper than my previous complicated household communication arrangements(Verizon local service on 2 lines, AT+T long distance + international, Comcast for TV, Verizon DSL).

But of course billing is so complicated that I can't be too sure until I actually get billed.

My particular moan is that I have the 'Extreme HD plus premium channels' package (the 'best' triple play) but getting a statement of what those premium channels are is kind of difficult. It doesn't map exactly to any category you can find on the online channel listing. It's not HBO for sure. It includes Showtime but not Encore. What's the logic here? At least structure the channel listing so I can see it!

But this is a network forum. Nominal speed is 25M/15M. Initial tests show around 20/10.

Ordering and installation couldn't have been smoother. The tech was knowledgable and efficient, and quite happy to pitch the conversation at the right level (me = network competent but FiOS ignorant). He was in and out in rather less than the projected time.

Switching the internal house network from DSL to FiOS was no problem at all. For half a day I was running the two in parallel (two phone lines, remember) and then simply moved the internal LAN from one to the other without problem.

One minor glitch: once I was happy that FiOS was working, I called to have my DSL service discontinued. "I'm using the same mailboxes through FiOS so please make sure they're not disabled". "No problem". 5 minutes later, guess what? No mailboxes. I called tech support and they said it'd take 'em 24 hours to fix; I insisted that since it only took 5 mins to screw me over, unscrewing me shouldn't take much longer. I got an expedited request and was back emailing within an hour.

But apart from that one problem, it's been painless.


Still pretty happy, one year later. Now all the introductory offers have evaporated, my actual bill is $195/mo. for the Triple Play deal, with HBO/Cinemax/Showtime, 25/15 Mbps internet, 300 minute/month international dialing plan, and including every last nickel-and-dime add-on fee (oh for straightforward pricing, rather than this "put one over on the people who pay us" horseshit). Pricey, but about $50 less than what I was paying for the total household telecomms bill beforehand.


I'm getting pissed off with all this horseshit about Netflix. I pay Verizon money so I can use the internet and internet services. I expect them to use the money I give them to provision their network to carry the traffic I want to receive.

The bottom line is that I think broadband companies have a conflict of interest between being suppliers of network access and being content providers. Common-carrier regulations should apply.

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You can be upset about Netflix all you want, but not even Netflix agrees entirely with you as they just made a huge deal with Comcast.

Netflix accounts for what? 50% + of all internet traffic, and only the last mile providers should be responsible for that cost? They are now talking about 4K video requiring 15mbps MINIMUM, and again, people like you believe its only up to the last mile providers to bend over backwards for Netflix? lets get real.

I wouldnt worry too much, Netflix is likely to make this type of deal with every major ISP, including Verizon.

Chicka chicka yeah
Fairbanks, AK

Re: responsibility

Disagree. Netflix pays their peering providers for the transit bandwidth they need to serve their customers. Broadband customers pay their carriers for the bandwidth they need. The carriers should ultimately be responsible to serve the speeds customers are paying for regardless of what online service is demanding that bandwidth. Plain and simple.
Tube surfin' at 100Mbps/5Mbps



Re: responsibility

Yes, and this debate can go on forever, yet Netflix is paying the cash. Oh well for that.