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Review by starcaptor See Profile

  • Location: East Northport,Suffolk,NY
  • Cost: $65 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 14 days
Good "Rock steady reliable internet, very clear TV. Very low ping times for gaming."
Bad "Customer service STILL needs work. Long wait times, "elite" team needed for anything."
Overall "The best connection that isnt Google. If you can get it, just get it."
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Value for money:
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NEWEST UPDATE: 3/6/2013 - Signed a two year contract for 50/25, ExtremeHD, and Digital Phone (byebye copper ) for a pretty decent deal. $64.99 for first two months, $84.99 for rest of the year, and $114.99 for the second year. I have a $10 corporate discount making those each less, respectively. I also managed to get them to send me a Gen. I router (not easy). The wireless on their router is very very strong. Even on another floor I can nearly max out the connection on N wireless.

Pulling around 59/39 on the internet portion. TV Includes free showtime and HBO for the two years.

Rock solid connection for the past 5 years.

Update:10/25/2011 - No issues with the service at all. Still pay $70 a month for my service...went through a few months where their computers thought I had 6 or 7 DVRs (!) in my house after I swapped for the newer 500 gig boxes...took about 2 months to fix, but they compendated me with 2 months of free service (worth over $200, Ill take it)

Constantly pull 30/25 for the internet portion, video has been fantastic, and phone is copper...so that is the same phone ive had since the 80s, haha.

I am hoping a 2012 package will bring faster speeds =)

UPDATE (2/8/2011) : So my promotions pretty much ended last year, and my bill went to around $160 a month. Got a ton of mailings from cablevision lately, showing that they are offering triple play for $69.95 to fios customers, for 2 years. I also noticed that verizon themselves were offering bundles for $84.99 in the NY Metro Area including a year free of DVR. Figured I didnt have much to lose.

Called up Verizon on a Saturday afternoon, told them I love service, but cablevision is offering a very compelling offer. The lady offered to match the price for 2 years as well, plus, give the home media DVR free for a year. Everything remains the same, except the internet speed goes from 35/20 to 25/25.

I have some occasional internet slowdown every blue moon. Happened recently but has disappeared since. Only one such experience in a year and a halfs time.

Current package:
Fios TV Extreme w/ showtime and TMC
25/25 Internet
Freedom Essentials phone.
One Home Media DVR and one regular receiver.

Total price ~$91 a month with taxes.

Typical speed test result (from newark, nj ) - 32 mbps download, 26 mbps upload. Im pretty sure close to nothing changed as a result of changing to the 2011 internet package.

UPDATE: Its been around 3 months since I started my service and ive had no complaints. I have had great success turning the ActionTec router into a bridge thanks to the great members in the FiOS forum. I route it all through a TrendNet 671BR N-router and constantly have speed test results around 35 mbps/22 mbps. I heard that the speed packages may change soon, but so far I have zero need for more bandwidth. Very satisfied.

Hey all.

I have been on DSLReports for a long time (over 10 years i think), and I have used numerous connections. Started back in the day with earthlink DSL through covad, then bell atlantic dsl, optimum cable, ATT broadband cable, comcast, SBC DSL, Sprint broadband direct, etc. Been on Verizon DSL for the last 4 years after OOL kicked me off for using their connection too much. Laaaame. They solicited me several times after to come back...but I thought they didnt want me to begin with?

Since I heard about FiOS ive wanted to get it. I had to wait years upon years since the rumors because the wiring near me is underground, but the time finally came. I got the letter in the mail saying "Fios is coming". I called up and placed an order. I had alot of questions, so the phone call took about 3 hours (not of hold time, talking time!). It took an hour just to figure out that downstate NY has different pricing than the rest of the country. I got a confirmation number for the following features:

"Better Bundle"
35/20 speed
TV with Showtime/TMC/Starz
Free Media DVR, HBO, Cinemax, Chinese programming for 3 months

for $109 minus a $20 discount for 6 months, and then a $10 discount for another 6 months. Taxes in downstate NY are about $17.

Promised install date was Sept 12. Placed order on Sept 2.

I asked phone to stay on copper. I noticed the confirmation number didnt turn up anything on the order status website. I waited a day just to make sure it wasnt a lag, but it still didnt show anything up. I called the sales dept back, and they couldnt find it, but they replaced it and took only about 15 minutes or so. Luckilly, even with the replacing of the order, the promised install date of Sept 12 still held.

The install tech came at 8 AM as promised, spent a few hours outside running wire and installing the ONT. Had to drive away every now and then to do work down the street. He was generous enough to run new coax to my TV even though I didnt have any, for no charge.

Took about 4 hours to get it all running. He took me through the install process, showed me how to run my DVR, and had me run a speed test. Pretty much ran without a hiccup. His name was Rich, really good guy.

hit 28.79 mbps down, 20500 mbps up. the TV service is very good but it has a learning curve.

My main beef right now is that he used MoCA to install my internet, which i heard is required since I have TV service. The problem with the ActionTec router is its small NAT tables which get clogged quickly with any net activity involving a lot of peers (steam and bit torrent). Researching it now but it seems as usual, DSL Reports got the downlow on how to get around it. I might run my own CAT6 wire from the ONT to my old router. However keep in mind the ActionTec is a G router, so even that is a nuisance.

I will update as my experiences go on, but right now, I am riding the light >D It is a

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