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Review by mkaishar See Profile

  • Location: Walnut,Los Angeles,CA
  • Business customer Business customer
  • Cost: $130 per month
Good "fast, reliable, stable, wide open, unmetered, good business support"
Bad "using 1 static ip for the westell 9100 for tv"
Overall "worth it if you can get it, business provides static, unmetered, wide open connection"
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business static with 5 ip addresses 25/25
westell 9100em connected to 4 tv's
using my own pfsense firewall for the servers

as of december 2012 and january 2013 VZ Fios sucks, high latency, low speeds, packet loss and their support is getting worse...used to be when i called i talked to a level 2 tech who knew what to do, these days, it nothing more than reading off a scripted sheet...does rebooting my router really resolve things?

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