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Review by Mike See Profile

  • Location: Pittsburgh,Allegheny,PA
  • Cost: $142 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Installer was good, far better than Comcast in ever regard. Performance and quality is so much better."
Bad "A lot of rare HD channels that no one wants instead of other useful HD"
Overall "Bye Comcast. Hope to never see you again"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Finally. After as long as fiber has been out I can finally get the thing.

I got a call one night that the fiber was lit up on my street and placed an order on the spot. I'm getting Digital Voice (VOiP), IPTV, and Data - 25m/15m.

5 days later the installer showed up, cut down the copper, put up aerial fiber, and hooked up everything.

I get a call at 9:25am that the fellow will be out here (one guy) to do everything. He shows up at 9:45am since traffic was good.

He's based about 20 miles away to the north. Everything is going to go off of coaxial. ONT / Power will be inside.

I showed him the ropes he said it isn't going to be too bad.

Now the fun starts.
Verizon isn't even good to Verizon.

None of us could see the fiber drop. He went to the back alley then lit up a cigarette. Can't see anything. He picks up his cell and is on hold for like 15 minutes.

Apparently the initial fiber lay is about 200 feet too short so he's going to have to go back to his depot, pick up a terminal, a line truck, and then extend the fiber, install a terminal, THEN he can tear down the copper.

Estimated time to completion - 7 hours.

This is turning really, really bad.

So after he comes back he clips the copper, runs the fiber, runs everything.

Now the configuration part... yeah not so much.

The HD box and one standard was DOA so he got another of each and each worked. He said a lot of these are DOA.

The Motorola 7100 HD and apparently any Onkyo product = instant green screen because of a parity bit error because "there is no HDMI standard" according to the installer.

So you can't quite use HDMI sound. You need to use optical out. He gave me an optical cable and said have fun and peaced out.

As of now the IMG is release - 1.6.2, Build 08.58, QIP-7100 PI.

I did have to call Verizon tech support because the installer locked me out of my new FiOS router - Actiontec MI424-WR Rev. D (Taiwan).

However, I would like to give one last big FU to Comcast. It took 35 minutes to cancel my account. I was transferred 4 times and the last guy who actually claimed to cancel gave me lip for a good 5 - 10 minutes about how it was a bad mistake and tried to FUD Verizon. What an ass.


03-01-2010 update

My firmware is now 1.7.1 and I changed a standard box to a HD box. That fixed all HDMI problems with the Onkyo.



Completely solid. 5 hours of downtime in 2 years. Not bad. A shame that the roll-outs have stopped.

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Carnegie, PA


roll outs havent stopped.. theyre building mt washington now. (mebe you meant somewhere other than the burg?)
if it aint broke, tweak it!!
currently on FiOS (kick aZZ!)