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Review by Smerk See Profile

  • Location: Ozone Park,Queens,NY
  • Cost: $75 per month
  • Install: about 14 days
Good "HOLY COW!!! Its amazing!!"
Bad "Customer service is nonexistant"
Overall "Rock solid speeds, excellent installers!"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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OK, I moved to NJ after suffering with Time Warner for years living in NYC. When I 1st moved here I went with Cablevision and it was a horrible 2 months with inconsistent speeds the whole time. The only reason I didnt go with FIOS 1st was the price but after 2 months of CV support trying their best to keep me as a customer I went over to FIOS.

I signed up online and opted for TV and 25/15 internet with a 1yr contract and 2 yr price guarantee. I signed up on a Thursday and was offered a Saturday install, 2 days later!!! I couldn't be home Saturday so opted for Monday 8am. I got a call on Friday confirming and giving me the basic lowdown on what I needed to do. Nothing major just make sure they can get to the computer, and common sense stuff.

The installers were prompt and started work immediately and worked straight through till lunch. They installed everything very neatly using existing wires and then took the time to show me the basics with the TV, the internet is self explanatory but they did make me set up an email acct.I was given an Actiontec MI424-WIR Rev E connected with coax.

I haven't been this happy with an ISP since the days of 1000000 dial up companies to choose from and I could pick a good provider. Rock solid 25/20 speeds, thats right Im paying for 25/15 and I get 20 up all the time. I cant find anything bad to say about it and Im so used to complaining with TWC and CV that Ive looked for every reason. I used to test my speeds all the time and get angry now I do it with a smile just to see how solid this service is. It could be a bit cheaper but to be honest even thats hard to complain about.

UPDATE: Nothing has changed except I now get 25/25 service, rock solid. My only gripe is that the CS dept are idiots. I want nothing more than to give them more $$ every month by switching to the 35/35 and Ultimate HD package and they wont let me do it without a new contract. So Ill stick with what I have and they can get $20 less a month from me.

UPDATE 11/20/2010 : All is still well except one thing and I might end up canceling and going back to CV for service. I want to change my plan to the 35/35 and Ultimate HD package and they insist I need to sign another contract which I will never do. All I want to do is give them $20 more a month and they insist on being difficult. If push comes to shove Ill leave, but what kind of morons do business this way?

UPDATE: 12/24 Still good internet service, TV is OK with DVR a constant issue. SUPPORT IS USELESS ESPECIALLY THE DIRECT SUPPORT ON THIS SITE.

UPDATE 4/1/2012 - Moved and had the option to stay with CV or come back to FIOS, and to be honest Im happy I am back. CV was just not nearly as good as FIOS, the connection quality is leaps and bounds above CV. The reason for the low customer svc scores were the inability to get around putting a social sec # in online or faxing a bunch of junk to them when we had an account prior and maintain a VZW acct for 10 yrs.The installers were top notch union guys who did a great job, and were apologetic over a very tiny pile of dust they left behind from drilling a hole which I found amusing since CV kind of left a mess in my last install.

UPDATE: 1/2015 Moved to Queens to a FIOS neighborhood and same quality service. The customer service is terrible as usual, I had a billing problem and they basically tortured me to resolve it. It took 6 phone calls each time assuring me it was resolved, it never was.

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