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Review by ITALIAN926 See Profile

  • Location: Fishkill,Dutchess,NY
  • Cost: $150 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Everything is AWESOME...."
Bad "Not really anything."
Overall "If you can get it, GET IT."
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Update 1-17-2015

Still completely satisfied with Verizon FiOS.

When we went to symmetrical 50/50 internet speeds, I did lose my extra fluff, so I called to inquire. The rep made some kind of fix but she obviously made an error, Im now getting 49 Mbps down, and like 90 Mbps UP. Its really not a big deal to me, I dont think I ever come close to saturating my connection. I was given an upgraded Actiontech RevI router with Quantum TV. »www.speedtest.net/result/4067870 ··· 0949.png Netflix performance in the last few months is 100X's better during the evening.

I have upgraded to Enhanced Quantum TV, and the service was riddled with bugs initially, but must have corrected my issues with overnight software updates. I absolutely LOVE having the equivalent of DVR's in every room, and a lot more recording space. Pausing and rewinding Live TV in every room is great.

I dont think Ive ever lost service since the last review.

I almost feel bad for Cablevision/DirectTV wasting their money sending me flyers almost every day. No chance guys.

Update 3-27-2013

Still completely satisfied with FIOS. My internet speeds have been moved to 50/35 and regularly test higher like 58 / 37 . I have the ultimate TV package, having all those HD movie premium channels is wonderful.
At some point, the on-demand for Starz and Encore was fixed, its soooo much better than it was.

I gave back one of the DVRs and purchased a WD DVR expander hard drive. The 7232 DVR comes with a 500 GB hard-drive, and I added 1000, so in total, I have 1.5 TBs of recording space, more than enough. The installation of the external drive was a piece of cake. The 7232 requires an eSATA cord to connect the external.

Update: 2-11-12

HD on-demand quality for Starz and Encore is still horrible, I dont even bother with it. The Free on-demand, HBO, Cinemax, Showtime On-demand is beautiful. Thats really my only complaint with the service The overall PQ of FiOS HD is amazing, especially on my 120Hz Vizio. Its almost TOO clear I think the HD is as good as my 1080p Blu-Ray or HD-DVD videos.

Everything else is still great. My 35/35 internet speeds are still coming in like 42 Mbps down , 34 up.

The new 1.9 software is awesome. Having two DVR's in the house is pretty cool. I can watch recordings from both DVR recordings from any box in the house. I may be connecting an external hard drive soon now that I have the updated software.


Ive recently added a new 55" Vizio LCD and this thing looks AMAZING on FiOS. It looks better than my Pioneer Kuro.. as it should , its going on 4 years old. The picture is so clear its almost 3D'ish.

Since Ive gotten the service, it seems Ive gotten a boost in download speed and lost some upload speed. Not that I ever use this bandwidth but I occasionally run speed tests. Its pretty steady at ~ 42 mbps down and 30 up. »www.speedtest.net/result/1087423 ··· 3114.png

The HD on FiOS is FANTASTIC. My only complaint , and Im not sure its a Verizon issue, is that the Starz and Encore HD ON-DEMAND looks horrible... its a very blocky stream. HBO, SHOWTIME, TMC, EPIX , HD- on demand is beautiful.


It was so frustrating seeing all my family and friends enjoying FiOS and I was stuck home with a POTS line, 1 Meg DSL and crappy pixilating Cablevision. My address was finally FiOS qualified.

The difference in TV picture is just awesome. The HD movie channels look as good as Blu-Ray to me. I have a 60" Pioneer Kuro and it simply looks amazing. If you watch too close to the TV you get dizzy ! Verizon has a ton more premium movie channels than cable , and the HD On-demand is awesome. I dont think Cablevision had any HD on-demand whatsoever. My wife is impressed with the picture on our regular Tv but to me, its not as dramatic of a difference as the HD. The multi-room DVR is great, its nice to watch recordings in the bedroom now.

As far as internet, Im just blown away. I downloaded a song in like 2 seconds last night from Itunes. Just amazing compared to the 1meg service I had. »www.speedtest.net/result/8090560 ··· 6003.png

I ordered Verizon digital voice with unlimited calling to free myself of the additional taxes and fee's. The ONLY difference I have seen is the 10 digit dialing.. which isnt a big deal.

My estimate is about $260 a month for ALL CHANNELS (except porn) , 1 MRDVR, 3 HD , 35/35 internet, unlimited calling for home, and 2 cell phones.

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