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Review by RockCake See Profile

  • Location: Woodbridge,Prince William,VA
  • Cost: $85 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 8 days
Good "Prompt service, easy configuration"
Bad "Provided router only has WEP, no compatibility with repeaters."
Overall "Huge boost over my DSL, but that was expected"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
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Value for money:
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I was already a current Verizon DSL (3/768) customer for about three years and was anxiously waiting for FIOS to be available in my area. I got the notice of availability about mid-May.

Placed order (15/5 internet and phone 54.99/mo 2ys) 5/31/10, was assigned install date of 6/8/10, with a window of between 1-5 pm. Technician came about 3:15. Installed the power supply/battery backup and configured the router in my basement. I was a little skeptical about this, I live in a three-level townhouse, and my main computer is on the top floor. Technician set up the wireless adapter and profile on my main computer, and I configured my other desktop, my wife's laptop, and my daughter's laptop with no issues. I also have a Wii, which lately has been my Netflix box, and I configured that as well. By 6:00 technician was done.

So far everything works well. My speeds are at or very close to what was promised. My signal strength from the the router to my bedroom computer is decent considering it is two floors up; usually get 2-3 bars (out of 5). My plan was to put a repeater on the main floor between the router and my computer, but reading these forums I discovered these Verizon routers do not work with repeaters. Oh well. :/

Couple of minor quibbles: the router only has WEP, and during installation technician had to leave my connection cable temporarily above ground across my yard and onto my deck. Apparently their contractors had not buried all lines they were supposed to. I was told it would be taken care of in a week or two.

The 54.99/mo is for a 2 year agreement, the first six months is 44.99/mo. I just listed at 54.99/mo for simplicity.

[Update 6 June 2012] Renewed for 2 more years: phone and internet (25/25). Price is now 74.99 1st month, 84.99 thereafter. Once 25/25 is no longer carried I'll be bumped up to 50/25.

[Update 2 July 2012] Called about the 50/25, will cost another $10/month. I'll just keep my 25/25 for now.

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Bronx, NY


The speed upgrades are not automatic.. When 50/25 becomes available, you'll have the option of renewing/reupping your contract to get it, but they will not just switch you over.
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