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Review by nanaki333 See Profile

  • Location: Chantilly,Fairfax,VA
  • Cost: $359 per month (12 month contract)
Bad "Customer service"
Overall "Speeds starting to dwindle in the evenings..."
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UPDATE 07/20/2012

I live in a condo complex with a pretty decently large neighborhood across the way, all on the same GPON. Ever since the Quantum upgrade, speeds have actually dropped significantly.

I've had the 150Mb package as long as it has been offered. I was going to get the 300Mb package, but it is still not offered for business users. Between ~6:00pm - midnight, my speeds average between 50-60Mb, sometimes dragging as far down as 20Mb. Previously, I could peg the needle at 150Mb 24/7. It's been more prominent as I was trying to download things on Steam and speeds were slow. Did a speed test on speedtest.net and on Verizon's page after pausing the download and saw it gimp along. I'll copy the link for the results next time.

I'm attributing the recent slowdowns to congestion. Way too many users with too high of speeds. The complex I live in has several hundred units, most of which all have Verizon (the association has a deal with Verizon and all units are wired), and then there's the neighborhood.

I recently saw a couple Verizon trucks around the area doing line work or something. Usually I see them downstairs parked to hook somebody up, but this truck was up the street. Maybe they're doing some upgrades?

Here's a lunchtime one. Nobody home, just RDC'd to my server and thought I'd give it a try. 4 tests all about the same. Again, never had a problem pegging the needle at 150/65. »www.speedtest.net/result/2074653 ··· 3666.png

UPDATE 12/28/2010

Don't know if I opened Pandora's box or not, but I upgraded to the 150/35 data package. The speed is great. I'm maxing it out the download and the upload seems to be holding steady at 55Mb instead of 35Mb. I'm not complaining though! We'll see what my billing looks like with the switch.

UPDATE 12/19/2010

Well, thanks to the fellas that responded to this review and directed me to the Verizon support forum, things magically got fixed! I did not get any updates from whoever was working on my case, but they must have done something, because now my price has finally leveled off.

In addition, the speed problems I had fixed themselves after about 3 weeks of my speed constantly going down to ~30Mb download. No longer though. I modified my numbers, but pre-sales still could be better. We'll see how well my bill looks when I decide to make an account change in the future.

Speed is good, price is good, life is almost good. Still waiting for them to activate the 150/35 tier so I can get that.

I've had business FiOS in my residence for over a year with the 50Mb/20Mb static IP. Earlier this year, I decided to change up to a triple play business with dynamic (company pays for it, so it has to be business). To make the switch, they had to cut off my old static IP service the same day the tech was coming out to hook up my dynamic service and TV. This was fine, I asked is there anything I need to do? Billing will just switch from one to the other? Of course it will! Don't worry!


Verizon never turned off the old static FiOS. They left it going in there billing system and actually entered my new service as a double play package with only TV and phone @ $189.99. I don't need to tell you how crazy that price is for basic TV and phone, nor the fact they do not even offer such a package. It's either TV + internet, or phone + internet. I got a letter saying they were going to turn off my FiOS and report me to collections if I did not pay the now past due $680. I've been calling several times a week and I actually had someone tell me the double play is valid and $189 is completely fair.

Anyway, I keep getting told by the CSR that a manager will have to call me back tomorrow. I've been told this for a month and had to dish out $680 to avoid having my credit screwed up because of their error. The worst part? I don't even have a secondary 50/20 line I can use that they're making me pay for. Just got off the phone with them again and guess what? Somebody will call me back tomorrow.

The guy that sold me the upgrade obviously did not do his job and forgot to close out my old account, so pre-sales = terrible

The installer got there and was great. He gets a 5

I love the connection and speed.

Obviously, the value is pretty terrible right now. How can you justify $500/month for basic FiOS TV + internet + phone (didn't even have the phone hook the phone up. I have an Ooma that works fine). Too bad I can't go lower than 1.

EDIT: Verizon is still unwilling to update my pricing. They refuse to change my billing. The latest excuse this time, when I asked them what the price for their triple play package was and what they had mine in as was "Well, that's your price, sir." To which my natural response was "Am I special?" They told me the only way to update my pricing is to cancel service and re-add it and pay all of the installation fees all over again. This is very frustrating. I may just cancel it and get Cox DOCSIS 3. Sure, I lose the 20Mb upload, but at least I'll be paying half for the same package and get a burst to 75Mb.

UPDATE 10/28/2010: It seems that Verizon has oversold the node out here in my condo complex. In the evenings I'm lucky to hit 20Mb. The norm for a single transfer is 5Mb download and my latency is kind of crappy. I'm a business customer too! My neighbor has Cox DOCSIS down the hall and he hits 70Mb download right now. I just had him speed test. I tried it and hit 15Mb download on the best run. I noticed this last week and just thought the world around me was slow. After all.. I got fiber to the home yo! I've been watching it for a week and noticed a trend of huge slow down right around 8pm-11pm.

Oh, and they still never fixed my billing. I can't have the triple play discount. They have me in the system as a double play phone & TV (which doesn't exist on their site) and a separate internet account. They refuse to put them on the same account to make it a triple play, which is what I signed up for. Looks like they'll be losing me very soon.

While I was typing this I ran another speed test and now I can't hit over 5Mb.

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·Verizon FiOS

Not Quantum

In your PON card, youre probably the only one with 150Mbps service. Likely shared by up to 32 customers, possibly only 16. I doubt very much it has anything to do with Quantum. In GPON, all 32 customers could be downloading around 70Mbps at the SAME TIME without fluctuations. Most users arent using their connection at the same time, and if they are, they are statusing their facebook.

Look for possible hardware issue, ONT, Router, wiring. Possible defective PON card in office.

Chantilly, VA

Re: Not Quantum

nothing wrong with the hardware. it only slows down during peak internet hours, which is why it sounds like it's starting to finally get congested.

Chantilly, VA

Chantilly, VA
also, i'm not the only person that has noticed this in my building. i know 1 person with the 300Mb package and 3 others with residential 150Mb. there's several hundred units in the complex, so i'm sure there's plenty more who have the higher service. not everybody uses their internet just for facebook.....

if it's a wiring issue, it's building wide (at least the 4 people that i actually talk to in the building), but the fiber comes direct to our condo units.

i want whatever crystal ball you have that tells you all about an area without actually being there! you totally hit everything right on the money!



Re: Not Quantum

Ok, youre so right, please excuse me. Continue on with your beliefs.