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Review by squirrel21 See Profile

  • Location: New Port Richey,Pasco,FL
  • Cost: $161 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 4 days
Good "Fast since TV selection gives me 25/25"
Bad "Lack of N-wireless support, 802.11N. Video clips frequently as if I was watching via satellite with bad weather!"
Overall "OK for now with the triple play. Prefer my Viatalk VOIP over Verizon's FIOS phone."
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Update as of 11/30/2010
Noticed that caller-ID was not working! Everything else was working fine including my mods to the Westell 9100EM (as described on DSLReports) to handle the connecting of my Belkin wireless 802.11N hub. I used chat mode, thinking that would be faster -- WRONG! After finally getting a CSR who admitted he was busy handling several problems, HE RESTORED MY CALLER-ID function.

HOWEVER, the next day I noticed that THE MODEM WAS COMPLETELY RESET! When I tried to log into the modem, THE PASSWORD WAS UN-INITIALIZED! My settings to start the DHCP SETTINGS AT .11 WERE SET BACK to .1 !

******** End of Entry for 11/30/2010 ********

Update as of 11/17/2010
Starting around 15:00 EDT, I was unable to connect to several sites! I could get to verizon.com and yahoo.com. Any other bookmarked links that were not of the form, SITE.TYP would return error code 502 or 504 and said someting like "... page not available ..." I was also having problems doing searches for TV programs, i.e., service unavailable. So I ran the DVR's (both of them) diagnostics and got "DNS: Failure"

After three calls to Verizon support the support guy had me do a reset on the Westell 9100EM by sticking the tip of a paper clip in the 'reset hole' on the back of the modem. IT WAS FIXED! The reset did not clobber password or my custom settings to handle the connection of an 802.11N hub. He said something about table entries within the modem. We agreed that if it happened again that day, they would replace the modem. That was around 22:30 hours.

Around 23:00 hours, the problem recurred. I just went to bed -- no time to deal with Verizon. I suspect they may have been having DNS problems elsewhere on their system. After several days with no problems, I was able to get a lousy $((see attached pics!) In another neighborhood, these lids would disappear. My wife sometimes throws the lid back on during her AM walk. The neighbors must do the same for the others I guess. Of course the boxes are filled with water. I don't know if these are suppose to be sealed from moisture or not, but there's one big hole to step in. I would have thought that the lids would have been secured with star screws of other proprietary bolts. Perhaps my video clipping is being caused by a snake or possum looking for a home!
NOTE: Excessive time to secure covers on the GLBs

It took 11 days from time of call until a repairman came to secure the GLBs! There was the intervening Labor Day holiday.
Why my wife had to show him the location of the GLBs confounds me. I made it clear when putting in the call that it was the GLBs in the right-of-way drainage ditches. I would think that those would be on drawings or the locations obvious. Maybe lack of info on the trouble ticket?

The video remote batteries are not sufficient to last even 6 months. I have to change batteries about every 2 months for the main DVR. My old Dish Network remotes used 4 AAA vs Verizon's 2 AA batteries.

My preference after the contract period will be just to keep at least a 15 mb down Internet. I will keep my separate VOIP provider and probably re-signup with Dish Network.

The lack of an N-wireless router amazes me since I've had 802.11N draft since 2005. The "N" standard was approved in late 2009. Even worse is lack of official support as to how to configure and connect a separate N-wireless router, even though there is token support via DSLReports.com -- you are still left on your own as to configuring it!

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