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Review by UnnDunn See Profile

  • Location: Brooklyn,Kings,NY
  • Cost: $132 per month (month by month)
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Amazing TV service. Super-fast and reliable internet. Highly responsive customer relations staff."
Bad "Billing & account provisioning systems need work"
Overall "Verizon is a company that truly gets it."
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Install Co-ordination:
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As a former Cablevision customer, I had long been chomping at the bit to get FiOS, so when I got the email alerting me to its availability, I signed up immediately. And I do mean immediately; 10 minutes after I got the email, I had an install date.

I am pleased to report that I do not regret the switch one bit. I ordered the 25Mbit/25Mbit + FiOS TV Extreme HD bundle for $117.99, but later upgraded that to the 35Mbit/35Mbit + FiOS TV Ultimate HD bundle for $139.99. The price is guaranteed for two years, but I am under no long-term contract--I can leave when I want with no ETF.

Update: I have since signed up to the same 35/35 + Ultimate HD bundle, but now at an even lower price--$104.99/mo, good for one year. Still no contract. Needless to say, I'm even happier with the service and value in light of the new deal.

The order process had some speed bumps. My initial online order got lost after I performed the credit verification process, so I had to re-do the order over the phone. Fortunately, all the online-order-only deals I had gotten were applied to the new order, so the price did not change. The install date was a mere 5 days later.

The install process itself was remarkably smooth and professional. It took longer than I expected--around 6 hours--but Verizon said it would take that long, so it was my fault for underestimating the install time. The installation technician was fast, efficient and courteous (unlike the contractors who performed my Cablevision install) and it was a true pleasure to work with him.

On to the service itself. Put simply, it is everything I hoped it would be.

The TV service is world-class; such a massive improvement over Cablevision. I'm now on a Motorola QIP-7232 DVR with a 500GB hard drive. More than enough for me. It is fast, responsive and has one of the most well-thought-out UIs I've used on a cable box. 30-second skip is such a joy to use when skipping commercials. The picture is spectacular and so is the sound; it pushes my subwoofer and rears in ways my Cablevision box never did.

The internet service... well, it's fast, in both directions, all the time. But that's par for the course.

Of course it isn't perfect. The main problem I've had with FiOS is Verizon's byzantine account management/billing system. Until my first bill showed up, I wasn't even quite sure what packages I had and how much I would pay. Packages have weird, conflicting names. Sometimes, changes made to an account go through, other times they do not. The website is tricky to navigate and is seemingly smooshed together from several disparate systems.

But if you can get everything to your liking, you can ignore it for the most part and just enjoy the service. And to me, the service is what matters. Thankfully, it seems Verizon truly gets it when it comes to crafting a great TV and internet service.

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