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Review by shmee See Profile

  • Location: Phoenixville,Chester,PA
  • Cost: $116 per month
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Speeds are sick. Pic quality is top notch."
Bad "Few billing hiccups here and there."
Overall "FiOS is fantastic. Best bang for your buck, without a doubt!"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
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********* UPDATE AS OF 1/25/12 *********

Since my last update, I've upgraded my internet to the 35/35 plan. No surprise here, but I'm still getting more than I paid for! Take a look at the attached speed test below. I consistently see 42 - 44Mbps down on a 35Mbps plan!

Also, in my initial review I complained of a lackluster UI on my STBs. Verizon has since released an updated IMG, and I must say I'm very happy with it. It is oh so much prettier than the previous version and functions just as well as any other UI offering from the various Cable companies.

The only thing that could make FiOS better at this point would be if Verizon were able to negotiate contracts for some of the more popular HD channels such as Cartoon Network and BBC America.

Overall, I'm still just as happy with FiOS as the day I was first hooked up.

********* END UPDATE *********

********* UPDATE AS OF 6/28/11 *********

After roughly a year of FiOS service, all I can say is that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Those speed results at the bottom of this review are common and consistent. No down time, literally ever. I'm still loving FiOS.

********* END UPDATE *********

I've got the 25/25 internet package and the Extreme HD television package.

This review is going to be short and sweet because FiOS is simply a great product. I really only have the following to say:

1.) Install went off without a hitch. My installer was courteous, professional and he knew his stuff. He had a brand new ONT up and running very quickly. He walked me through setup of my Actiontec. He even went the extra mile and helped me to bridge my Actiontec with another router.

2.) Internet service is nothing short of absolutely wonderful. Verizon recently gave a slight bump in speeds, so even though I've got the 25/25 package, I'm actually getting 30/25. I'm not paying for the extra speed. I never have any slowdowns. Downtime is non-existent. Fiber is as good as it gets, period.

3.) TV service is a bit of a mixed bag. First of all, the pic quality is unsurpassed by any other company out there. It's as good as you can possibly expect from broadcast television. The ONLY thing I'm a little disappointed in would be the channel selection, and I can't really fault Verizon for that. Contracts are a pain in the tv provider industry. I would also say that the UI of their STBs leaves a lot to be desired, but there's a new UI coming, so I just have to be patient there.

Overall, FiOS is the best service I've ever encountered. No regrets whatsoever!

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