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Review by bsangs See Profile

  • Location: Montclair,Essex,NJ
  • Cost: $173 per month (24 month contract)
Good "Internet speeds, reliability, picture quality"
Bad "DVR, lack of HD sports channels/programming"
Overall "Great internet service, TV side could use many improvements"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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UPDATED 12/8/13

Still have a FiOS Triple Play Package - Ultimate, 50/35, DV. Have a free DVR for life (would normally cost $19.99 per month), a second DVR ($16.99) and three HD STBs ($6.99 each).

The best part about FiOS remains its internet and reliability. Unfortunately, it's fallen so far behind other service providers in hardware technology, that if I weren't receiving a free DVR for life I would probably dump the television service altogether.

FiOS also remains behind the pack for sports programming. Some basic sports channels carried in HD on nearly every other provider remain in SD on FiOS - and some of those channels aren't even available unless you subscribe to the highest programming package. (Not important to the non-sports fan, I understand.)

I'll update my review of the TV side of FiOS if/when they ever deliver a DVR with more than two tuners. I'll never leave FiOS internet though. Nothing compares to it in my area.

UPDATED 1/26/13

OK, the DSL Reports system manager wants me to update my original review. Here goes.

-- Still have FiOS, even though I've sampled DirecTV during the last year as well. The best thing about FiOS remains its reliability. It is rock solid. Even during Hurricane Sandy, when we lost power, the FiOS never went out, until the backup battery died.
-- The DVR's have been greatly improved since I originally joined in 2010. Faster, better looking, larger HDs, ability to connect an external drive. The interface - now 1.9.1 is much better than the old 1.8 interface.
-- TV picture remains pristine and although FiOS doesn't offer some HD channels that people clamor for, it carries every one I enjoy watching, save for CBS SportsNetwork.
-- Also upgraded internet speed to 50/35, although it measures more like 60/40 at most times, which is great.
-- Multi Room DVR service works great, although what can be annoying are audio/video dropouts when watching a program from a different DVR. It is quickly remedied by rewinding the program, but still, it's bothersome. (Doesn't happen all the time though, which is weird.)
-- Recent software update to DVRs has improved the interface speed. For a while there were some issues, but all appears to have been fixed (knock wood).
-- Only wish there would be more HD offerings for sports subscriptions. Still limited when compared to DirecTV, which is the only reason I'm leaning toward going back to DirecTV when baseball season starts.
-- Also in our area, the Ultimate package includes every premium channel - HBO, Cinemax, Starz, Showtime, TMC, Epix - which is a steal if you're into those channels.
-- My monthly price includes three DVRs - one free for life - and a free SD STB, also included free for life with the package I originally received. DVRs run $19.99 per month for the main MRDVR and $16.99 for regular DVRs. (HD STBs - non-DVR - are $6.99.)

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Horrible Tech Support and Customer Support

I ordered fios on 12/5/13 and first available install date was 12/14/13 between 8-10am. Tech showed up and said he was not going to install what I asked for since it was not worth the money. He went outside and called and upgraded me to a higher price package. He had some lady talk to me on the phone and she told me the price and I said no it was too much. The tech snatched the phone away and hung up on the lady. He went outside and was talking on the phone to someone else. Verizon called me on my phone and was offering me a different package when the tech came inside and told me to hang up the phone. I asked why he said all they are gonna do is confuse me. I said I am not going to hang up. He got in his truck and left. Now I can't get a tech out here. This has been an 11 hour nightmare. Thank goodness I did not cancel Brighthouse. Verizon Fios is horrible!!!


·Verizon FiOS

Re: Horrible Tech Support and Customer Support

Noni, that is completely ridiculous. I hope by now you have entered a complaint through the proper Verizon channels. What you experienced was a technician upgrading your package essentially without your approval in order to obtain a COMMISSION. You got a very bad apple there, unfortunately. The majority of their technicians do good work. Keyword: majority.

Montclair, NJ

Re: Horrible Tech Support and Customer Support

Italian is right Noni. The Verizon techs are by far the best I've ever dealt with. What happened to you is not only ridiculous, but far from the norm.