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Review by lijacobs See Profile

  • Location: Lawrence,Nassau,NY
  • Cost Contract price not specified. (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Excellent TV Quality, Inet speed higher than expected (43/35)"
Bad "none"
Overall "Beats CV, both price and quality"
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Connection reliability:
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I recently received the automatic upgrade from 35/25 to 50/50. Naturally, I see no difference. Like most users, I never use anywhere near the bandwidth that I am allocated and certainly not the "Speedmatch" 50 Mbps upload speed which is just an advertising gimmick. My daughter's family has the 25/25 service at their home and, like me they never have had any problem streaming videos from any source. The vast majority of FiOS subscribers who upgrade to the higher speed tiers are, in my opinion wasting their money. I continue to be completely satisfied with the quality of my TV, internet and telephone service.


I still have the same plan and I am still pleased with the quality of service. The on-screen caller ID and the remote access to the DVR are now both very reliable too. Video streaming from all sources including YouTube is excellent.

Double Flex up to 15/5, Extreme HD, MRDVR, HDSTB, QIP72xx,, QIP71xx

3 years negotiating with Verizon before turn up in our co-op - July, 2010


I'm a Verizon retiree and recently took advantage of VZs new FiOS plan for employees and retirees. I now have Triple Play, Ultimate TV, 35/35 Internet and Freedom Essentials Phone. The service is generally very high quality and reliable except for the on-screen caller ID feature and remote access to my DVR which don't work work most of the time. The picture quality is far better than Cablevision, our previous provider. Internet speed is reliable and never slows down no matter what time of day. Cablevision's speed was variable and was especially slow in the evening hours.

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