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Review by tmc8080 See Profile

  • Location: Brooklyn,Kings,NY
  • Cost: $55 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 25 days
Good "50/25 more like 58/35"
Bad "power adapter died, installed new one, same ole bpon."
Overall "better than cablevision today."
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·Optimum Online
If cablevision wants into this market place, they are going to have to deploy symmetric broadband... 30 - 50 megabits symmetric for between $30 and $50, not $65!
I've got the 25/25 internet tier, fios tv with showtime premiums, digital voice triple play. WIth one hd box comes to just about $98. Smashes anything cablevision.. or time warner offer.

Update 6/30/13
Well, I'm back on Verizon again. Just internet 50/25 which is 58/35 so I'm happy with that. This does come at a time when Cablevision is doing channel bonding and as rumor has it going to do upload upgrades themselves. However $70 a month off promotion with no offer in sight put me back in the Verizon camp again.
I'll likely get back to them in 2015... maybe docsis 3.1 will be around then along with better offers. I'm also hoping for a mini speed war with free upgrades along the way, but that's pie in the sky.. not gonna happen.

Have a cablemodem to return on Monday.

Update 02/03/15
Verizon increased speed late last year from 50/35 to 50/50 symmetric!
While this was working great.. even getting 58/70 for a while.. I had no svc for a day and when they restored it, they dropped the provisioning back to 58/58ish..
My contract is up in June.. so it's likely I'll go back to cablevision later this year unless something happens during the retention phone call $90 for 50 megabit standalone svc isn't gonna cut it!
If anyone can advise on whether it's worth it to buy a D3 cable modem instead of getting hit with a $5 charge for rentals at this stage.. let me know.

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