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Review by neftv See Profile

  • Location: Broomall,Delaware,PA
  • Cost: $44 per month (month by month)
  • Install: about 15 days
Good "Reliable, Fast, an ok price for 20/5."
Bad "Actiontec REV A wireless only has WEP, Small Nat table, I see FIOS to pricey for full service."
Overall "Fiber Straight to home is really the way to go!"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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-------April 9,2011

I thought it was high time I did a review on FIOS Internet because it been several years now having it. My install went great. Had a fantastic tech that came to the house and he was done is like 3 hours. Running the suppended cable from the pole to the house peak took the longest time. He then had to check on the port he was plugging in upstream from me because there was some sort of issue but it all got resolved. I started with the 10/2 speed and later upgraded to 20/5 Speed which I have today. I find this adequate for my needs. Although the I not had an issue with the Actiontec REV A Router some have because of the small NAT table space. Also, it is only WEP wireless Security. I decided to us my own router, an Asus (now) and its working great. One time last Summer I accidentally cut the fiber cable. It was drooping down into a tall shrub in the yard and I didn't see it when it happened. I panicked thinking how long this was going to take to get repaired/replaced. I called up Verizon told them the truth and in like a few hours I had another excellent tech come out saw what happen and replaced the whole cable from pole to ONT so it was like doing another install. Thank god they didn't have to charge me for this. All was and is well since then. I only had to use Tech support one time early on it was a good experience and resolved my issue and when I cut my cable so those where my only dealings with Tech support.

A couple words on price. For what I am getting 20/5 internet only the price is ok. However I think it is getting pricey to get full package luckily there is some promotions but still. Right now I can't do full Verizon package.

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