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Review by floyd007 See Profile

  • Location: Richmond,Henrico,VA
  • Cost: $45 per month
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I had verizon FIOS in 2009 - 2010 in Centreville, Virginia for 8 months. Twice it went down. Beyond that it was stable and always the advertised speed. 5/2 mbps

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Concern Mom


Dont care about your safety

We have verizon for a year, it has been 6 months that we are calling them to come and take care of a cable that runs trough my entire front yard, I have a 3 year old that has trip on it several times, and cutting the grass is a nightmare, they dont care about your SAFETY, they keep telling me a supervisor will come and see it, nothing has being done and even the customer service guy told me, since it is not a money maker they will take their time how awful of them not taking care of their currently consumers....