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Review by Dream Killer See Profile

  • Location: Forest Hills,Queens,NY
  • Cost: $44 per month
  • Install: about 30 days
Good "Speed, Ping, Price, Tech Support"
Bad "Availibility"
Overall "If you want the best possible internet experience and FiOS is available, it's the best."
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I ordered Verizon FiOS the end of May 2011 as soon as it became available in Forest Hills. I've pretty much tried all the ISPs in this area (TWC RoadRunner and Verizon DSL) and while they were good and reliable, they didn't quite had the perfect combination FiOS has.

Installation was the only thing that got me upset. My original installation date was June 2nd, but for whatever reason the tech didn't come and I was rescheduled to June 15th. This left me with no internet for nearly two weeks because I canceled my DSL for the month of June on. So near the 15th, I confirmed the appointment for the 15th on all possible channels (E-mail, phone call, online) and I finally saw the tech at 8am on the 15th.

Installation went very smoothly. I had the ONT/BBU installed in my basement near the other utilities. The routing of the fiber optic cable through the foundation is very clean and well sealed with silicone. I received an Alcatel-Lucent I-211M-H ONT to handle 25/25Mbps along with an Actiontec MI424WR Rev.F router.

I originally had the ONT supply internet via coax but I had the ONT switched to ethernet so I can use my own m0n0wall router for VPN and still use the Actiontec as an AP/ethernet switch. The switch was as painless as it could be. I made a thread on the Verizon Direct Forum here at BBR, gave the tech my phone number and we switched everything within two minutes of his call. VPN works great now and I don't have to waste the actiontec as a mere bridge and use another AP. Overall this saves me about 40w of power.

The best part is of course the speed. Constant 25/25Mbps with single-digit pings. Service is reliable with no such thing as peak/low-peak times like Cable or DSL.

Tech support is also great. Verizon's dedicated 24/7 Fiber Solutions Center (FSC) are very knowledgeable people based in the USA. They're not some outsourced tech from a country half way around the world reading from a book that treat you like you don't know what you're talking about. I can communicate with them on equal ground with my IT background. This is very refreshing. I also don't have to hop through automated options just to get to the tech. Just dial the number, enter your account information and press the number for FiOS and you will be directed to FSC with little frustration.

Overall, it's the best experience I've had in an ISP. It is the best out there with no weakness. Great speed 24/7, single digit pings, the best tech support I've called for any type of service, and future-proofing of services with fiber optics. All for $44.99 a month - ridiculous!

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