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Review by pollyana2 See Profile

  • Location: Thousand Oaks,Ventura,CA
  • Cost: $160 per month
Bad "Verizon Fios bundle was a big mistake"
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I have had Verizon Fios bundle for a week. It was the biggest mistake I have made in a long time. It started off with the salesman leaving out some very important information when he convinced me to sign up for the new service being installed in my area. Like I have to dial the area code even in my immediate area and there is a per minute charge for all the calls in addition to the regular monthly fee. Most of the information was in small print on the back of the order but I thought he had given me all the information I needed. The salesman also gave me his phone number but when I tried to call it I got a message that said my call could not be completed. He told me I would get the first 30 days free if I signed up right away. I need the 30 days because one of my two phone lines has not worked since the day they did the installation. The installer told me he would call me the next day to make sure everything was working OK. He didn't and it isn't. My internet shuts off regularly and doesn't seem any faster then the old cheaper service I had. Today that cost me a big penalty because I needed to file my sales tax with the state of California via the internet but it wasn't working and no matter what I did I could not get it to work. I finally got a phone number to call and was on hold for over 30 minutes. It took another 30 minutes for the customer service to get it up and working. By then it was after midnight and I got hit with a 10% penalty. He blamed my computer but my computer had not had any changes made to it and he was able to get it working eventually. It took 7 hours for them to do the installation and if the massive equipment they put on the outside wall is any indication then it is going to take a long time for the old company to reinstall my old service. Make sure you read the small print!


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