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Review by MovieLover76 See Profile

  • Location: Keyport,Monmouth,NJ
  • Cost: $115 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 14 days
Good "Blazing Fast Internet that overdelivers, Crystal Clear TV"
Bad "Tech Support"
Overall "Very glad I got it but being a Verizon FIOS customer requires patience."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Had FIOS installed on 11/1/2011, subscribed to Extreme HD Fios TV with Multiroom DVR 3 rooms, 25/25 Mbit Internet and Unlimited Fios Voice, installer arrived at 8am and began the install, I was very pleased with the install procedure, he listened to my questions and was very professional, he had some issues getting the internet to go on, but eventually got it running. I did a speedtest as soon as he left and and I get a constant 30/30 Mbit internet, which is more than I bought, coming from cablevision it was a very happy surprise.

I had to unplug the router to rearrange my networking equipment and that's were the problem started, TV and voice were fine but any time my router was disconnected it would fail to get an IP address and I would be without internet until I called Verizon and had them remotely reboot the ONT.

First call, they rebooted the ONT and assured me it was a one time thing.

Next morning the internet was out again

Second call, they rebooted the ONT and sent a tech out who didn't even look at the ONT, basically just looked at it and said it's working nothing I can do.

Next morning the internet was out again

Third call, told me the problem was the router and sent a new router out to me it arrived and I connected it, no internet still.

Fourth call, called to tell them I still had no internet, they rebooted the ONT and told me that they just needed to initialize the new router or something along those lines.

They told me that if the internet went out again I'd need a new ONT.

this time the internet stayed up for a few days, but when I had to move equipment around again and needed to unplug the router I lost the internet again.

Fifth call, told them my internet was again out, I'd had the router replaced and that through all these calls the issue was that when the router lost power and rebooted it couldn't get a IP address from the ONT, but rebooting the ONT fixes the problem and that the previous support rep told me I needed a new ONT. The support rep agreed that I needed a new ONT, this was a Monday and the earliest appointment was the following Saturday, so I took the appointment they rebooted the ONT and I was careful not to unplug the router during the week so I wouldn't lose my internet.

but later in the day Monday I got a strange call, it was a Verizon tech telling me they were on their way to my house for a repair, I informed them that I was at work, had never been called to see if I was available to let the tech in and I needed to keep my Saturday appointment, he indicated that he would let Verizon know.

That Saturday I was waiting for my appointment and thought about that call on Monday and I was concerned so I went online to check my appointment status and it wasn't there any more, so I called Verizon.

Sixth call, found out that the technician on Monday went out to my house anyway, manually rebooted the ONT, saw the internet working and cancelled my Saturday appointment, I got no text notification of the ticket even being resolved. They told me the next appointment was the next Wednesday, I'm a very patient person so when they told me they cancelled my appointment I finally blew up and the support rep called around and tried to find a tech to come out on Saturday, he couldn't but he did get an tech to come out on Sunday, he showed up on time and finally replaced the ONT outside and I've had no problems since.

The way their technicians and support handle repairs especially after multiple calls about the same issue is irresponsible after multiple calls about the same issue, more through testing is required. I understand that my issue was complex and in the end both the router and ONT were bad and needed to be replaced, I have worked in IT for a long time and I explained in clear technical terms what was happening, I hate to think how many times a non-technical user would have to call back to get a problem similar to mine resolved. I really hope I just had a bad experience, but the tech support in my case was piss poor, I've never dealt with worse tech support.

That said, the product itself is phenomenal, I can't stress that enough, internet is amazingly fast over delivering on 25/25 with 30/30 constantly and 5ms latency which is much better than cable modems latency.

The TV is crystal clear, it's a night and day difference between FIOS TV and the competitor Cablevision in my area and marginally better than even DirectTV.

Cablevision HD looks like SD compared to FIOS TV HD.

The FIOS box and Multiroom DVR software is a dream to use, so much easier to use as well as better performing than both Cablevision and DirectTV's DVR boxes.

The phone is a phone, what can I say, it's clear and it doesn't have any issues, pretty much the same as cablevision phone service. I probably wouldn't have gotten it except due to what I assume must be a weird quirk, when I signed up my package was cheaper for the first two years with the phone than without it, by like $10 a month, so I took it. I usually use my cell, and only really use the phone for outgoing calls from home to save cell minutes now.

Do I recommend FIOS, absolutely especially if you live in a cablevision area as FIOS is 10x than cablevision, but they need to do something about their tech support and field techs. I had two good techs come out to my house, the installer ( I understand that he missed the bad ONT on a first install) and the final tech who replaced the ONT. but I also had two horrible techs, the one who came and did nothing and the one who rebooted the ONT and left when the ticket clearly said the ONT needed to be replaced, my guess is he never read the repair notes. 50% crappy techs is not a good ratio and other users probably aren't as patient as I am.

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