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Review by clarknova156 See Profile

  • Location: Poughkeepsie,Dutchess,NY
  • Cost: $225 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Fiber directly to your home , very reliable and constant rates. No bandwidth caps (for now) and easily the best TV service."
Bad "A tad expensive. Very location dependent , contracts are a must for acceptable rates."
Overall "Probably the best ISP/TV combo you can have unless you are lucky enough to have a community based fiber setup with 1GBPS speed."
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I've had the service for about a month and half.

My experience has been excellent so far. My speeds are consistent and in fact greater than advertised ( I have the 35/35 package but I get 45/30). Coming from a bandwidth capped service is liking seeing the light and never having to worry about usage.

Internet connection is low latency , fast and reliable. Best I've had so far. TV service is excellent and looks amazing compared to Comcast/At&t U-verse. Verizon tech support isn't well known for being amazing but my experiences have been reasonable so far.

I really wanted 150/75 speed package but its only offered in select areas do to the requirement of additional hardware. After having U-Verse service in Duluth , GA for 3 years FiOS is everything that U-Verse promised it would be but could never actually be.

I highly recommend it to anyone that can get the service. Sadly its highly limited and most will not be able to get it. Verizon isn't expanding out its FiOS network anymore so anyone hoping to get it has little to no chance at this point unless they do a 180 on the matter.

Update 12/11/2011 - Well I'm still loving the network , zero down time and my speeds remain the same 24/7. I just can't state it enough , even with Verizon's weirdness about billing and installs this is without a doubt the best overall service you can get. If you can get it , get it ... but don't expect Verizon to build out to you. They just announced they are done doing that so if you plan to move somewhere near a FiOS area call in advance and see if its where you plan to move.

Update 1/10/2012 - Upgraded to the 150/35 package , was a very simple install and took about 30 minutes (the tech had to run Cat5e into the house to the router since its beyond the spec of MOCA). I also got the Extreme HD package and Voice for a bundle off for about 65 more a month than I'm paying right now. So far this new speed is only being offered in NY, NJ and NYC from what I can tell but perhaps it'll be offered in your area.

Its incredible to download big games off Steam (16+ gigs) in about 11 minutes. I simply love it.

Downside of this speed package is you MUST buy it via a bundle , you can't get the upgrade without it and you have to do a 2 year contract so think about that before you jump in (the cancelation fee for leaving early is $250).

I really FiOS service , the tech that's been taking care of me even gave me his personal cell number incase I have any issues , really above and beyond what Comcast or At&t U-Verse ever offered me.

Here is a pic of my speed (this speed is 24/7 , not a fluke or a better than average result .. suck it Optimum Online).

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