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Review by dennismurphy See Profile

  • Location: Parsippany,Morris,NJ
  • Cost: $151 per month
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "Fast as hell, top-notch TV and voice quality"
Bad "Nada"
Overall "Still thrilled."

UPDATE: December 2014:
My 75/35 package is now 75/75, routinely overprovisioned to 85/85. FiOS STB's are nearly perfect - and the phone service works. Nearly as perfect a triple play as is possible!


Still thrilled with FiOS. Upgraded my Internet package to 75/35 service, dropped one of my phone lines, and I'm still very happy with it. Rock on.

I moved into a new home this past July (2011) and decided it was time to ride the light -- welcome to Verizon FiOS.

After some initial SNAFUs regarding my order and phone service (they lost my old phone number in the process), the service is up, running, and fantastic.

I have the 25/25mbit package, along with 2 FiOS Digital Voice phone lines and FiOS TV service.

Excellent quality all around! The Internet service clocks in consistently at 30mbit down/25mbit up (yes, over my rated speed!), and the voice product is excellent. I'm probably least happy with FiOS TV, but that doesn't mean I'm unhappy, just that I've been spoiled by a bakers' dozen years with DirecTV. I get occasional picture glitches which have been attributed to a bug in the set-top box firmware. Hopefully the VZ folks fix that soon.

I did manage to get in on the "Free Multi-Room DVR for Life" promotion, as well as a free SD set-top box. So, even with 3 DVRs and two additional STB's in the house, and a second phone line, I'm still saving $90/month over what I was paying for Optimum Online, Optimum Voice + DirecTV. I'm happy to have more than $1,000 extra in my pocket every year.

Overall, I miss my DirecTV for television, but I'm coping with FiOS TV (I miss it, but I'd miss the $1,000 more!) The rest, however (Internet and Phone) are absolutely top notch!

Good stuff - the billing is convoluted, and you have to stay on top of it, but once it 'settles in', everything is good.

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