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Review by mking128 See Profile

  • Location: College Point,Queens,NY
  • Cost: $106 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 20 days
Good "Speed/reliability: best Tri-Play deal in NYC's competitive market vs. TWC"
Bad "Wait for gradual rollout (3+ years for our city block) & availability"
Overall "$$ saved w. 24 mos. priced locked contract, free MR-DVR & SD STB for life."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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(Update #2 - 3/2/13) Almost a year after initial installation, 100% happy with Fios, no price increased on our bundle, latency remained low at 11ms ping time, consistently getting 31MB down and 26MB up on our 25/25 Triple bundle, now w. option to upgrade to 50/25 for extra $10/mo. We have had zero downtime thus far, 99.9998% reliable - BBU battery has given off false alarm on a few occassion, easily resolved with a reset. HD picture quality on our SDB are excellent, and we hardly ever used the multi-room DVR feature - we finally retired/terminated our DirecTV ethnic programming to save some money too - there's so much to view & stream with our high speed connection. Picked up a pre-owned MI424 to self-install a MOCA bridge over coaxial to assure full house coverage on all 3 levels.

Still paying $107/mo including taxes & fees vs. what a similar TWC cable bundle would likely costs us - probably around $225/mo. One more year to go on our 24 month contract with price lock, and VZ kept its promises so far with the free SD - STB for life deal, and the other (DVR & 2 STB) equipments' rates unchanged. Very, very happy camper - everyone else on our block are now on VZ Fios and TWC keep trying, unsuccessfully to get anyone around here to switch back with their low advertised price offer.

(Update #1 - 3/30/12) First eBill arrived, auto-pay invoiced with pro-rate for 6 days + regular billing cycle for total of $134 (only extra install charge for 4th. coaxial outlet of $20 splited into 3 mo. pmt) Regular monthly cost for this Triple Play bundle is $85/mo x 24 months, $10 extra for 2 HD-STB for subtotal of $95/mo + taxes/surcharges/fees of $11/mo for a final net cost of $106/mo. - sorted it out based on this bill. Excellent as we are saving $55/mo over TWC and that's with the DVR & 2 more STB & faster internet at 25/25 vs. cable's improved "turbo boost" of 20/2 (was 15/.768) that's just burst & not sustained.

Almost 2 weeks after initial install, it's 100% uptime, no peak-hour slow down whatsoever, and speedtest results are impressive & consistent. Bundled prices has gone up for newer NYC customers signing up now by $10/mo to $95/mo - but it's still a great bargain. (Visa card is now $250 instead of $300, free MR-DVR and SD-STB is still being offered)

Link to detailed of Fios installation with more photos »[ONT]College Point 11356: indoor ONT install Tri.Play photos


(Initial post - 3/22/12) Took us 20 days from online ordering (best deal) to installation, tech. arrived early as scheduled & completed new aerial drop & install in under 7 hours, re-used existing coaxial runs from indoor ONT to 4 STB/outlets. Cable broadband Triple Play was an expensive alternative to aging copper DSL until we could order it for our owned house.

Our special promo pricing is $85/mo discounted for new customer TP is for Extreme Prime/HD w. free Showtime, 25/25 and unlimited digital phone w. enriched features including CID & VM - choice of $300 Visa gift card for rebate or free for life HD multi-room DVR & SD STB combo free ($20 saved per mo. - our choice) Prices just gone up by $10/mo. & Time Warner Cable trying to win new customers with special, similiar Triple Play for $90/mo x 12 months only, which is still expensive with their high box rental charges & newly added modem fees. (I expect our total monthly bill to be under $110 vs. $161 now for TWC with only 2 HD STB, no DVR or SD-STB, and much slower broadband speed @ 10/2)

Our online ordering went smoothly as they apparently had the database of addresses updated, earliest available date for installation was about 20 days and once chosen, confirmed and a follow-up email the next business day, with links to various tips & what to prepared, etc. and enough resources to setup a VZ email address/account that had immediate but limited functionality to start getting comfortable - option to revise/change the confirmed install date was given until 4 days out, then one needed to call 800-xxx-xxxx instead.

Tech. was friendly & called 15 minutes prior to start of scheduled 9A to 12 noon time slot, and was outside looking for a parking spot a few minutes later. Online notes and request to install an indoor ONT in the basement was not given or read by him but after asking the reason(s) for it, he surveyed the service panel & basement, and agreed that it could be done - but neede to go back to the depot to exchange as he didn't have the unit on his van once a short 100 feet black fiber cable run was connected to the next aerial telephone pole's distribution unit about 50 feet away & pulled across the front driveway & down to the side of the house along the electrical & coaxial runs. The connection was tested & checked for signal quality & passed, and he was ready to do the rest & disconnect TWC's coaxial cable - using the already drillled hole to fish his new run into the basement. Provisioning the ONT once the BBU & power supply was connected - using a 2' wide by 4' high 1/2 plywood board DYI mounted to the sheetrock walls ($10 at local Home Depot) took longer than expected, but it eventually went "live".

Alcatel-Lucent indoor 1-211M-H ONT w. existing coaxial runs were used and ran upstairs to 2/F's home office/den where the newest Actiontec MI424WR gigabit wireless N mode router was ready. Digital phone was connected from the ONT to the basement's junction box for solid & clean, quality voice calls - BBU will power it for up to 8 hours in case of a power failure via old POTS phone as the 5.8 Mhz cordless phone would be useless then ...

Tech. then asked for our primary PC to run diagnostic tests & install widgets/files onto it using 2 USB drives, and gave a very brief demo of what/how to - before resuming setting up the MR-DVR (newest Moto 7232-2) and 3 STB on 1/F and 2/F. Lastly, he went over the DVR and left us with various guides, booklets & instruction sheets for the RC, etc. before cleaning up, chaulking the outdoor hole and rechecked his work before calling it a day. results showing that we are getting 31/22 MB/s consistently on hardwired PC's and about 22/15 wirelessly, very impressively as these are not boosted or pseudo-turbo speed tricks used by cable providers, latency is 10ms typical and "A" results all around - there are no slow downs at peak times.

Managed to log into router, change userid and password, changed SSID & assigned one's own WPA2-TKIP passwords, moved away from "auto" channel and did quick port-forwarding, and change DNS servers, etc. after printing/writing down the existing values or settings - wow, everything looking great and good to go, power cycle various hardwares/devices & ready to roll.

TWC retention tried hard but with no luck price matching or come even half-way to beating the offer, and realized the competition & customer has "won" this round - returned their leased equipments promplty & cancel, expecting the equipment deposit & prepaid payment credit to be refunded shortly. Looking forward to substantial savings in the next 2 years with price locked at about $50/mo or $1,200 for the duration of the contract - 2 extra boxes vs. TWC's bundled, despite we are a bunch of "happy campers"

VZ called the next day to followup & assure that everything looked good from their remote diagnostics - VZ email account is up & running although we don't plan on using it, will just forwarding them to ISP-free accounts for easier management. Still too early for a definitive rating for technical support except for online self-help/diagnostic tools.

To see it, use it & experience it will make anyone a true believer - and there's no turning back. Unconditional recommended & endorsed VZ's Fios options - will update with feedbacks on billing & customer services in 30 to 60 days and periodic update as appropriate. (Look for my recent posts with 8+ photos on the installation)

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