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Review by rufus279 See Profile

  • Location: Tonawanda,Erie,NY
  • Cost: $130 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Excellent Picture, Great Speeds, Dedicated Bandwidth"
Bad "Contract, equipment and rate increases, DVR HD Size"
Overall "Waaayyy better then TWC for Internet/TV and on par with DirecTV for TV"

Been on FiOS for about 27 months now. Just renewed for another 2 years but since I do my own VOIP for home phone, no good bundle deals. Sorry but I don't use my home phone much and I have a limited VOIP provider for just over $15 a month and it's still $15-20 cheaper then Verizon's Triple Play bundle even after gift cards, etc.

Internet speed is great (25/25) and over provisioned so no worries of slow downs like on cable nodes.

TV picture quality is great, slightly better then DirecTV. Switching channels is faster but DVR HD size is smaller then Direct and features of DVR are behind Direct and Tivo.

In the 27th months, only 2 internet outages both lasting maybe under an hour. Only 1 TV outage for about 7 hours that effected ALL FiOS customers. Much better then weather issues with DirecTV and issues with TWC cable modems.

If you live in an area where FiOS is offered, you really need to consider it.

March 2013 Update:
Still going, still on same bundle. No issues or complaints.

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Tonawanda, NY

Do you really have Fios

I'm right down the st from where you place your pin on Dekalb St and I don't get fios and Verizon even stated they are on this side of the 290 so I think you are either a fiber or you are on the other side of the 290 so move the pin

Tonawanda, NY

Re: Do you really have Fios

Sorry, don't know how/what this pin is your talking about. I think the site just randomly assigned it based on Tonawanda,ny

Tonawanda, NY

Re: Do you really have Fios

ok no problem.. Not going to lie I kind of had my hopes up thinking that they were just wrong and they really were on this side of the 290 :*-(