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Review by Bob99 See Profile

  • Location: Teaneck,Bergen,NJ
  • Cost: $89 per month
  • Install: about 10 days
Good "Reliable connection. Lower total cost."
Bad "No Usenet news server. No IMAP for e-mail."
Overall "A fine Internet connection and phone service."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
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We got a letter from Verizon telling us that they were going to move our phones to fiber whether we wanted it or not. So I figured we might as well switch the Internet to FiOS also, and get a double-play package. We previously had regular Verizon copper phone lines and Optimum Online. We do not have any TV service. We get TV over the air with a roof antenna.

We got the 15 Mbps/5 Mbps plan, which is roughly the same as we had with OOL. We have two phone lines. We are on month-to-month, no contract. The total monthly cost is significantly less than we previously paid for OOL and regular local phone service, plus a separate long-distance carrier.

They would have installed it the next business day after I called, but I needed time to have an electrician put an outlet in the garage for the ONT, so I delayed the installation a week. The installation took about 4 hours, not including a lunch break of about an hour. The installer left a card with his cell phone number so I could call him directly if there were any problems.

The ONT is Alcatel-Lucent model I-211M-H, which has the battery backup in the same enclosure. The router is an Actiontec MI424WR Rev I. The ONT is inside the garage, next to the electrical panel. The router is in a room above the garage. At my request they ran Cat 5e Ethernet cable from the ONT to the router. (Remember, we have no TV.)

Everything works fine. There's nothing very exciting about it. The Internet works like a normal Internet connection. The speed is very consistent, just slightly above the stated speed at all hours. The phone lines work like normal phone lines. Our fax works fine on one of the phone lines, with no special provisioning. Our alarm system calls out on the phone line without any problems. The alarm system did not require any changes to work with the FiOS lines.

I am using the Verizon DNS servers, and there haven't been any problems. With OOL I used OpenDNS because there were sometimes problems with the OOL DNS servers.

The Actiontec/Verizon router is very good. I thought I would use my own router - which was one of the reasons I asked for Ethernet instead of coax - but the Actiontec has a couple of features that my old router didn't have, and it seems to have a stronger Wi-Fi signal. I was previously using a Linksys WRT54G2 V1. My main complaint about the Actiontec is that the user interface for managing the router is very convoluted and confusing, and the user manual does nothing to reduce the confusion. The router runs very hot.

Verizon dropped their Usenet news server a couple of years ago, so if you use Usenet you need a third-party service. The Verizon e-mail supports POP3 but not IMAP. There is also a web interface for e-mail, of course. They advertise Wi-Fi service, but there are practically no hotspots in my area - just one a few towns away.

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Providence, RI
·Verizon Online DSL


What do you mean they said that they were going to move your phone to fiber whether you like it or not? :O

Was it a letter that was worded oddly? The reason I am confused is if they upgrade your copper to fiber, they still would need to install an ONT onto your house? You would need something to convert the signal on your end. If you don't give permission for them to access your premise then what would they have done?

I am still holding onto the copper wires in my house and Verizon still calls about changing to Fios, but at least the people who call have been much more polite then hostile.

I don't mind Fios internet, it is the reliability of phone that is the most important for the household right now seeing as we have an elderly person with medical problems living in the house.

No cellphone and we to use OTA television. No netflix either.. most of the time the TV only comes on when their is news..

At least you seem pretty happy about your fios service? How was the installation? Did you have it install in a room, basement? Don't know what I would have done if they needed to drill holes into the house.

Teaneck, NJ
·Verizon FiOS

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A copy of the letter that I got from Verizon is attached. Note that this was a year ago. The first sentence, about "service issues" in my area, is baloney as far as I know. We certainly did not have any problems ourselves, and none of our neighbors ever said anything about phone line problems.

I don't know what they would have done if I had refused. I had been thinking of getting FiOS anyway, so I just went ahead and did it.

We have had no reliability problems. In the year that we have had FiOS, we have not had a single problem. It even kept working through tropical storm Sandy.

The installation was no problem, although it took a long time. The ONT (with integrated battery backup) is in the garage next to the electrical panel. The router is in a second-floor room above the garage. They drilled one hole through brick and cinder block to bring the fiber into the garage. This is in the same area where there were already holes for the old phone lines and for cable. (I previously had cable internet.) They sealed up the hole nicely. Another hole was needed from the garage to the room above. I drilled that before they came, because I didn't know if they would do it, but the installer said they would have done it. Again, there were already other holes for phone and cable wiring.