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Good "generally meets advertised speeds, reasonably reliable"
Bad "got screwed out of a promotional GC (by the salesperson)"
Overall "a little pricey, but reasonable performance from a not-very-demanding user"
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I've had FiOS TV + Internet for over a year now. The main competition is Comcast. I've had Comcast in the past where the product was okay, but installation was the typical horror story (5 no shows, then only partial install, etc.) and then a couple of other FUBAR events once I was up and running, so I decided to give FiOS a try.

I ordered when they offered a $250 gift card (Verizon person came to our neighborhood to solicit). The install was okay, except the tech spent more time on his cell with his GF (I was the last install of the day and they were talking about their evening plans) over several calls than he did actually installing the FiOS equipment. And I guess he was supposed to walk me through a couple of things, but when the HW install was done it was well after his quitting time and he wanted to leave, so he called up a web page on my computer, did some stuff, then left it on another page and told me to read thru it (everything I needed to know was there), then he bolted.

After the install, I was having trouble getting the promised GC, so I called the person who came and took my order and she said no problem, she'd get it straightened out. After that, nothing. She wouldn't answer her phone when I followed up. I never heard from her again. When I called VZ, they said sorry, the promotion I was promised had actually just expired (i.e., the salesperson should not have offered me that promotion) and there was nothing they could do since they are not bound by the salesperson's promises. *sigh* I was pissed for a bit, but no use crying over spilt milk.

Oh, yeah. Trying to talk to VZ on the phone was a challenge. I have a VZ wireless cell phone (no landline), and it was listed as my official contact phone number. VZ even called me a couple of times on my cell prior to the install to verify the installation. When I called the VZ FiOS support number, it asked for my phone number associated with the account. I entered my number and it switched me to an automated message that my account was with Frontier Comm. (or maybe it was Fairpoint... I confuse those two) and I should contact them, then disconnected the line. And no, I never had a cell phone with anyone but VZW; and no, I never was in/near Frontier/Fairpoint territory (even after VZ sold assets to them). I had to use the phone number of a friend who also had FiOS in order to get through to FiOS support. (And the support folks were mystified by that, as they verified that my cell account was really with VZW, was listed as the contact phone number in my FiOS account, and they had no idea why I was being shut out of the support phone system.) It took many months to get that fixed.

Since then, things have worked pretty well. My connection seems to drop for a couple of minutes every once in a while, but I'm not an online gamer so the occasional working from home Skype call that gets interrupted is about the worst that has happened to me.

My internet usage is not very demanding, so it's a very low bar that they have to clear.

Pretty much the same with FiOS TV. I'm not a very demanding user. My biggest complaint is that their channel guide really sucked, and the 9.0 update was worse. The recent version (9.01, I think) seems to have mitigated many of my issues.

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use your rights

you were well within your rights to cancel when they butchered the sales job and promised you something they shouldn't have even after the install..

Verizon is on the hook after raising rates to keep their marketshare NOW more than ever, and technically you could have had them on the hook for more than that giftcard due to the number of mis-steps by Verizon employees for which you should have complained from day-1 about! Generally they get paid VERY WELL with those higher monthly charges not to be a second-rate service provider..

Yeah, it's a hassle to unwind a switch of service providers.. but it's more egg on their face than yours for THEIR screwups.. dare I say the sales guy should have lost their job (always important to get names of everyone involved).



Re: use your rights

Well, based on my previous experiences and what I've read, VZ really doesn't have to honor the salesperson's promise. Sure, most companies will take the hit when their employee screws up and make good on the promise (as long as it's not ridiculous), but after talking to various folks at VZ (as well as a couple of people I know personally who worked for VZ), I felt that the letter of the law fell on their side of the line and any additional effort to pursue the matter would just be wasted.

And yes, after hanging up the last time I told myself that I would switch to Comcast. But after checking out Comcast's promos (they had had a $200 offer, but it ended the same day as Verizon's $250 GC offer, and their other promos weren't much in comparison), I reviewed my (horrible) experience with Comcast installations at two previous addresses and felt that it just wasn't worth the probable hassle.

Plus, I was trying to learn to take the unfair cr*p life sometimes throws our way and not let it control me, but to do the best I can and move on. Life is too short to be angry over such things. (Well, I keep telling myself that hoping I'll eventually believe it!)

Actually, I came across that salesperson's business card earlier this week and finally threw it away. That's what prompted me to finally write a review.