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Review by prisaz See Profile

  • Location: Germantown,Montgomery,MD
  • Cost: $155 per month (24 month contract)
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I was on Verizon ADSL Pre 2005. So there were no second thoughts in regards to switching over to FiOS Fiber.

My subscription is now a Double Play Bundle. I cut the phone feature to save money. We all have wireless phones.

I still have their Quantum Tier at 75/35 and get around 84/39 100% of the time. No Slow downs. No other provider comes close in my book.

My TV is now the Ultimate HD.

I now only have a single Cisco CHS-335HDC, and returned all other Verizon hardware, in hopes for the Motorola Verizon VMS1100 server soon.

I have built a Media Center Server, With two Ceton InfiniTV cards, with CableCARDS. So that means eight tuners out to four TVs, and the spare bedroom TV has the Verizon box so I can keep tabs on what is happening. I like my Media Center configuration, with 2 TB of storage, QUAD Core CPU, and 8GB of RAM. With two Ceton Echo MCEs, and a Xbox 360. Activating the cable cards was a bit of a pain, but they are always picky. After multiple tries to activate the second card, Verizon had a tech out to my house the next morning. On a Saturday. Kudos to Verizon!

I am waiting on the Verizon Server I played with at the CES 2013. It was cool, and VERY fast.

I have had FiOS since before they had TV available on FiOS. I was installed in the summer of 2005, and probably the first install from our hub. I could not think of any other ISP that could replace FiOS. I have had 99.99% or 100% reliability. When I have power, I have FiOS, plain and simple. All the time I have had FiOS I have never had reliability issues.

I am on one part of the oldest BPON networks, and can not get a GPON 150/65 upgrade. They will not spend the money for just me. My question to Verizon is how can they sell something to someone other than me, if they do not have it available? My only sore spot right now.

The second is many of my friends stuck on cable have bottlenecks, and file transfers back and forth to my cable people are not as good as FiOS to FiOS.

The 22Mbps to my office, which was probably knocking on the NOCs door. I am sure they were looking at the spike to my desktop. I bet they did look to see who I was pumping in 22Mbps to their workstation. I am sure their end might go faster, but their is other traffic on their routers, and I think my workstation is on a 100Mbps route with others. Not to mention the high level of encryption overhead on the connection. Not sure if that messed with the numbers or not. I would say it probably did.

2/16/13 On a new 24 Month Contract.
I was one of those that was able to get the MLK day online $95 Ultimate Quantum 75/35 order in for 24 months, but as suspected, the bill came in at the regular price of $139. Since I did have the order number, printed copies or the order, and printed estimated new bill, that did show my existing hardware, we were able to come to an agreement for a good price. Not the $95 glitch price, but with multiple 24 month $5.24 discounts, it was what I thought was fair. Still not 100% happy in regards to GPON not being available in my area for 150/65, I will wait 24 months with this price, and see if things change.

I am still a VERY BIG fan of Verizon, and one of their Community Leaders in their Community Forums. So much so, there is a Verizon Blog in regards to another customer, and myself being Verizon's Guests at the Consumer Electronics Show 2013.

This link provides a brief Blog, and Video during my visit, in Las Vegas CES 2013 with Verizon. Yes my name is public, and we have no issues with that. This is in the media.
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