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Review by jargavet See Profile

  • Location: Crofton,Anne Arundel,MD
  • Cost: $226 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Fast Fast Fast"
Bad "EAS alerts break my west coast feeds late night recordings"
Overall "must have if its available in your area, if you complain enough you can get great discounts"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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customer since late 2009

150mbps internet

full channel package ultimate
all premium channels

digital voice

Triple Play : Full Month Jul 22 - Aug 21
Triple Play
• FiOS Digital Voice Unlimited 30.00
• FiOS TV Ultimate HD 74.99
• FiOS Internet 80.00
• 24 Mo. FiOS Digital Voice Discount thru Jun 22, 20 -5.00
• ONE-BILL Bundle Discount thru Jun 23, 2014 -15.00
Total Triple Play $164.99

loads of sports ( too many sports for my taste)
slow to add new hd channels we just got BBC America HD after 3 year wait
Internet speed is godly

Learn to navigate their phone system, if you complain you can get discounts

and always watch your bill

Educate yourself, learn to fix problems before calling out a tech. Many of them are overworked. Be nice to them, if they are crawling in your attic and its 90 degrees outside offer them drinks. Remember most of the time there hands are tied on certain issues and yelling at them will not change anything.


EAS alerts break my west coast feeds late night recordings but EAS is beyond VZ control
2 tuner DVR uggggggggg
we have 2 DVRS in house at 17 bucks a piece,
paid 80 dollars to upgrade both to QIP 7232 2 (black MOTOROLA larger HDD)

even all of the above problems are not enough for me to even consider leaving FIOS.
Your VHO, wiring, and setup can greatly effect your happiness with FIOS.

heavily congested areas, such as my friend in Northern Virginia will be limited. He lives in a massive condo complex and as such his ONT is in an inaccessible location and everything is over MOCA.

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on-demand shouldnt be "finicky", let alone "unwatchable", you might have a moca issue in your house, bad signals to boxes, router. Excessive pixelation/artifacts is another hint. How many boxes do you have? You should call for a repair.

Crofton, MD

Re: unacceptable

I have called, they save my snr is fine. on demand finickiness doesn't occur all the time mostly on Saturdays during heavy usage i assume.



Re: unacceptable

snr doesnt mean jack-shit. They dont want to send someone out. You need them to measure the signal strength at each STB and router. The techs carry Sunrise Signal Meters that test the coax in ways the STB does not.

Crofton, MD

Re: unacceptable

MoCA Feed into Bell Atlantic Patch Panel = pixelation and Finicky OD

Bought a 1 input 4 output coax splitter rated from 5 - 2500 mhz much better now. Could not find what rating the Bell coax runs at but it is at least 10 years old and probably was not designed to handle modern MoCA signals.

I wish I would have attempted this sooner.



1 edit

Re: unacceptable

FiOS is 5-1000Mhz, would imagine what you have is ok. But that inadequate splitter should have been remedied by the original installer.