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Review by patt2k See Profile

  • Location: Brooklyn,Kings,NY
  • Cost: $95 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 410 days
Good "Upload higher then download "
Bad "Constant billing issues"
Overall "Dumped TWC long time ago"
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Install Co-ordination:
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March 08 2015 Update:

In December 2014 I took a contract renewal. At first my promised rate was 71 and some change but the system is broken as always and then I had to fight with them I was ready to cancel contract but the rep offered me 20$ off for 1 year (then 89.99) when at first (it was supposed to be 71 and some change) then 2nd year is 89.99, and 3rd year without contract is also 89.99

I also got free all premium channels for 2 years.

1st year 69.99 for : 75/75 + Select HD + 1STB +1Cable Card around 95$ w/taxes
2nd year 89.99 -> + all same fees
3rd year 89.99 -> + all same fees

Free Premium Channels


Somewhere between 7/21/2014
Yesterday took the free upgrade from 75/35 to 75/75 well in my case it jacked my price by 10$ working with Verizon Direct they sent request to Elite Billing team giving them chance for now to fix it before making complaint with BBB, will give them about a week max.

75/35 jumped to 83/92
83 down as always
upload 92 from 38 mbps.

Price went up from 74.99$ (free upgrade was jacked -- as of 7/21/2014 ->> JUMPED to 84.99$

------ Initial Switch from TWC to Fios --------
I switched from Time Warner Cable I had the 50/5 plan for 59$
the very next day when Time Warner sent me a letter , well not just me that they will be charging 3.95 modem rental fee I saw that Fios was at my adress so I few hours later ordered it!

Let's Compare:

TWC : 50/5 (59.99$)
Fios : 50/25 + TV , 79.99 (without taxes)

July 21st 2014
Since may 26 I am now in Brooklyn.

Had a outlet charge when it clearly said free had to go to Verizon forums and get that sorted out.

I am still on 75/35 , + Prime HD but not STB but cablecard rental.
After they fixed my bill it's about 93-94$ after taxes/fees.

July 16 2013
Got my fios 100$ gift card which is 2nd one. For re-bundling when moved and a contract. Time Warner guys were walking around my block just 2 days ago and trying to convince me and some other people to join TWC , well that didn't work.

Sept6 2013

Had a tech yesterday to fix up low signal with the TV-Service it turned out my splitter and cables were crap.
My bill did go up because somehow there is more taxes in Brooklyn rather when I lived in Queens I basically had small amount of tax..

Promised rate is 84.99 + taxes so I pay 15$ just in taxes and fees.
Before adding STB : 100.11
After : I would expect about 107$
I still have cable card and stb now.

After contract ends will be cutting the cord unless Verizon does something about those fees.

November 17 2013

3 Days ago I downgraded to Select HD because I barely watch tv..
My price was 79.99 , I was actually arguing with Verizon that my bill shows 79.99 but they were charging me 84.99.
I downgraded to Select HD + kept 75/35 and price was supposed to be 74.99 , but it's 69.99 it now shows that I have extra discount til November 2014.

I will also be dropping cable card so that is -5 buck because as I said lately I barely watch TV.

Oct05 2013

A kind of weird surprise but can't complain.
My price for 75/35 + Prime HD was 84.99
if I changed it to any other package for same packages I would pay 89.99
so my base price changed from 84.99 to 79.99 why? I have no idea?

I'm I happy? yes Thank you Verizon! for giving me such an amazing deal.
so on my next bill it will be 79.99 for double play 75/35+Prime HD.


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