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Review by wilmill See Profile

  • Location: Nanuet,Rockland,NY
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I received this from a friend of mine who works for Verizon in NY:

"After years of having problems with Verizon's on demand service we started to see a patterned problem;
Every Saturday night, around 11pm , when we wanted to watch an on demand flick, the VOD service would crash and yield an error VOD_126.
A call to customer service (minimum one hour wait time) has us unplugging boxes, resetting routers and unhooking coax in the hopes of resetting the system.

I found out last night it's all bogus!!
The customer service reps are told to have the customers jump through this giant hoop of a procedures gambling that the steps taken will simply coincide with the service being TURNED BACK ON.
That's right;
They actually shut down the service every Saturday night for "weekend maintenance."

They KNOW THIS when a customer calls with the complaint error mesg. and are instructed to tell customers to go through all of these meaningless steps to
1. Make the customer think they are being given meaningful tech support
2. Hide the fact that they are actually intentionally shutting the service down.

I asked my co- worker rep why on Saturday night? He said "they pick a time when
1. They believe people are less apt to be watching TV (Saturday night???) and
2. When the Saturday night maintenance shift is on duty.

I asked the rep if he thought it was appropriate making people jump through hoops.
His reply; "it's better than telling them the truth. Can you imagine if I had to tell them 'yeah, we know you have lost service. We shut it down every week at this time.'?"

I did a Google search about FIOS Saturday maintenance and came up with this:
» ··· -p/88753

So it appears that Verizon has made this their policy in NY and maybe elsewhere.

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