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Review by zyklor See Profile

  • Location: Newark,New Castle,DE
  • Cost: $130 per month
Good "Most Everything"
Overall "Billing and Finance department is Hell. Tech support for other issues has been fine."
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As of right now I don't have FiOS but I did a little over a year ago. I had service for almost two years. I had no problems with service and was happy with price however my bill was always wrong. This is not an exaggeration... they managed to mess up my bill every month for 9 months strait before I canceled. Every bill that came had services or extra channels added to it that I never ordered. One month I got a bill for over $200 because they added MLB Extra Innings package. That package was almost $200 itself and was split in two payments. Called to dispute the first installment. Told them I never ordered it. They couldn't tell me how or when it was ordered (was even told at one point it automatically renewed from last year???.. never had it). Had to go through some review process to be removed which took little over a week. When they finally agreed to remove it I was told I still had to pay bill but would be credited the next month. Who has the extra money for that?.. Next month comes and not only do I NOT have the credit but they charged me the 2nd installment for that package. At this point I'm looking at a bill over $400 as I didn't pay it from last month because I refuse to pay for something I never ordered. Again call and all they can tell me is that its been taken off and Ill get a credit next month but I have to pay this bill or my service will be turned off. After fighting with them they agreed to an amount equal to what my bill should have been and keep service on. Next month comes and now I have an extra channel added and only one credit for one installment. This time I call and tell them I want to cancel my TV service and switch to a plan with internet and phone only... (went to Dish for TV and was cheaper) Now told next bill will reflect the change and get remaining credit. Next bill comes with the credit but still being charged for TV.... I called and canceled it all and never paid last bill....

For the last year I have had Dish for TV and Comcrap for internet. Fine for promotional period but now paying $152 and month for just TV and Internet.

So now I decide Ill give Verizon a chance again with a really good deal of 94.99 for TV, Internet and Phone with no price increase for 2 years..

This time around I spent 2 hours between online and on the phone trying to pay my last bill from a year ago. After trying online with no success, automated payment system with no success and talking to reps that couldn't find my old account, I gave up and tried to place an order anyway and got stopped at credit check at which point was given an order number and phone number to call. After 2 hours I finally had a rep on the phone who had access to my last bill. Maybe I can move forward now.... nope... I was told by the rep that their system couldn't accept my debit card... but couldn't say why...didn't say declined.. just wouldn't accept it and I verified the numbers twice. I know the money is there and I know it works because had just ordered a pizza with it 10 minutes prior. Told her hell with it, I'm not going to bother and hung up and called the regular number back and canceled the order.

So now I am debating on trying again this Monday with Verizon because its just that good a deal, or pay comcrap $72 a month for only Internet....at only 20/3 MB and Dish $80 a month.................

Truth is I loved having FiOS. The service itself is better than anything else you can get. If you Go with Verizon, CHECK EVERY BILL 100%!!!!!!!!!!! Verizon Wireless too..

And if you are a Verizon Rep reading this... PLEASE dear god fix your billing department!!!! I cant tell you how many other people I have talked to including your own employees that install FiOS tell me that they have had all kinds of problems with billing. Your service is worth the price... if only you could send a bill with the right price...

If I do go back, Ill update this review with how I make out with billing..

UPDATE 2/18/13:

Called Customer Service and got a really helpful and understanding Rep whom was able to locate my old account and stayed on the line as a rep from credit and finance took my payment. Same rep then setup new service and setup a passcode and notification via email and text for any changes to my account. Install is scheduled for tomorrow. I don't expect any problems with install as most of the main equipment is already here nor any problems with service. My concern is Billing. I will update when I get the first bill and see if they can get this right....

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Just curious if tech support is able to help most of the time, why is your rating of tech support 25%?

Lincoln University, PA

Re: 25%?

The reason I rated Tech Support low is because there is no rating for Billing and I consider the Billing Department to be a form of Tech Support. More or less it gets attention and makes it more likely that someone would read the review as to why tech support is rated low. Myself for example never read the good reviews on service. I want to know what went wrong and how it was handled. Maybe I should edit my headline to be more clear...