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Review by WowJustWow See Profile

  • Location: Lawrence,Essex,MA
  • Cost: $165 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 14 days
Good "Consistent speeds (35/35), no caps"
Bad "Lots of timeouts, connection losses in games (lately!)"
Overall "I was very satisfied originally, now I'm a concerned about the timeouts"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Hi, first review ever, please edit if I screw it up.

I had Comcast, but was hitting their data cap due to Steam downloads, Netflix, Hulu, Youtube and online gaming. I have a good 200-300 games in my library, ranging from 1gig to 35gigs..

I *loved* Comcast's pings and consistent connections for online gaming, surfing and movie watching, and probably wouldn't have switched, but the cap just killed it.

So I picked up a Triple Play FIOS 35/35 package with Ultimate+premium channels and phone.

I'm now paying about $25/mo more than CC, have slightly higher speeds and no cap, but slower pings.

The good:
The order process wasn't bad. I picked what I wanted on their website and set a date/time to do the install. Install took 3-4 hours tops and went smooth as far as I could tell. The installer was very polite too, if that matters.

My FIOS download speeds were consistent (*see update below). Every speed test was at least 34-35mbps, so that was nice.

And I love not having to worry about downloading 160gigs of games from Steam and/or watching too many movies in one month.

The bad:
Sadly, my FIOS pings went up right away, but were at least stable (*at the time anyway, see below for update). Comcast was giving me 17-32ms pings to my fav game servers, but they jumped to 30-70ms after the switch to FIOS. It was tolerable but made me a bit sad and affected my play a little.

The update:
The last few months (2 maybe?), things have changed in a few bad ways:

- Pings are completely unpredictable. They vary wildly and I lose connection to game servers many times a day and have to re-connect, crossing my fingers that it loads the map and doesn't disconnect or hang, etc. It's actually pretty terrible.

- Websites are timing out constantly. Sometimes it gets halfway through loading a page and stops, forcing a refresh or four until it loads (but when it does load, it loads FAST, so I don't understand it at all.)

- I'm getting a LOT more buffering and freezing on Hulu and Youtube, sometimes requiring full-page refreshes. They were amazing before and part of the reason I took the leap to 35/35 in the first place (I got tired of 'buffering' messages with CC).

So here I am, trying to research and make sense of all this stuff and hopefully diagnose my own problem. (Past calls to other companies usually wastes time and never fixes anything.)

I also just renewed my 2yr with Verizon and got the 150mbps/(something?) package *hoping* it fixes my ping and timeout problems. If it doesn't, I'll be one sad camper out $220/month.

I hope I did this right and covered everything you asked for. I don't really know what brands/models i got. The cable box is black and has the code "QIP 7232 2" on the front and the router has the code "MI424WR".

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Are u wired or wireless? IF ur wireless might want to change the ch on the router see if that makes it better or if ur MOca move it so u can wire ur computer. IF u are wired what rotuer do u have? Black with a silver rim or red rim? If you changed to 150 then u should have the red one. Lots of things can affect speeds, unless you do some testing... hard to tell what it is.

·Verizon FiOS

Re: Router

I am wired. It looks like a coax cable goes into the router and regular cat6 cables are going out to the PCs.

My router says MI424WR, it appears to be Actiontec. It's black with silver.

As for the upgrade, I took the advice below and canceled the upgrade order until I can do more research. I don't know why (naive? lol), but I just assumed getting faster service or paying more might make it better.. the whole 'get what you pay for' thing maybe, I don't know. I'll chalk it up to naivety/general stupidity for now.


Your service is problematic and you paid them MORE money???
Think it will fix it? LOL

Never pay a company more when they can't deliver what you are ALREADY paying for. You should have called to say you would cancel unless they solved the issue.

Don't be a sucker, because if you are they will be happy to take more money from you.


Re: Incredible!

I actually did think it would.

Thanks for the the advice, I called and canceled the upgrade until I can look into this more.


what can you do?

I am in the exact same boat as OP



Re: what can you do?

Sounds like a weird one. I play PS3, Steam, even using Origin cuz I have to to play Sim City. Iv used the Gen2 rotuer and Gen3 with no issues. Make sure u dont have torrents or something else running. Test I can tell u to try, turn off wifi and test just hardwire 1 PC. If you changed any settings in the router put it back to defaults. All that good stuff. If you call tech support there going to do that first thing. OUTSIDE of that do some tracert to some sites/servers that ur having issues with. If its anything outside the VZ network... not something tech support can fix. I know its a pain to call and u get someone who doesnt know how to turn a computer on, BUT if U do what u have to before calling theres always someone there smarter that you can talk to to take it from there.