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Review by rrivers111 See Profile

  • Location: Liverpool,Onondaga,NY
  • Cost: $158 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "Speed and reliability of connection."
Bad "None"
Overall "Highly recommend. Very happy."
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We moved in to our current home 5 years ago. I was a Road Runner customer for 10 years since that was ll that was available at my previous address. I had Fios installed a week after we moved in , after three days I cancelled Road Runner and have never regretted it. I have moved from the 25/15 ( actually 34/15-was the speed i was getting) tier to the current 150/75 ( really 164/75) . In those five years I have had one Actiontec router faill, one phone call and i picked up the replacement at a Verizon store the next day, plugged it in and was up and running in five minutes, its the only time I have had to deal with customer service and it was a ten minutes of troubleshooting with a tech, and then a quick visit to the Verizon store.

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